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Wednesday December 4, 2013

 As I have said before, not much happens around the winery this time of year. We will be having an open house this December 7, 72 years after Pearl Harbor. A big day in our history that I was reminded many times as I grew up. JFK, a much bigger event for me since I was 20 years old.

I still remember driving up the hill just before my house on 86 Chicago Way, one block away when I heard Cronkite announce that JFK had died. It was on my AM radio but of course it was piercing. Just 10 years in November after my Father died. I was in a Stick Shift low power Chevy, BUT I shifted down and gave it all my shock and up the hill one block away from my house. I am sure I rushed in and turned on the TV and probably just before or just after I had to pee...........All of us were glued to the TV after that.......

Tesla, is still my biggest passion right now. I love my Model S. BUT I have a problem with this great vehicle. The only problem.......I love Sirius/XM radio so I had to have it in this great Tesla. I was not to happy to hear if I wanted XM radio, not even Sirius, I had to pay over $2000 and of course I would get something I did not need.........the great upgrade sound system. Now some you know I love great sound systems, but I don't need them anymore in my Vehicle.....OK maybe old age......maybe it is harder to make the right moves out in the highway. I get aggressive and don't like drivers coming on my side to cut in......and.......I don't like drivers tailgating. So I have to concentrate on those more important things and thus not hear music...........unless it is Elvis, ounce in awhile.

I digress.........

We drove up the Oregon Coast 6 weeks ago. We had a lot of problems with our XM radio. The Oregon Coast is demanding just as the California Coast on the way through Redwoods. There are winding roads, steep hills on both sides at times and many trees. My BMW cars for the last few years have lost reception with my Sirius radio. We once drove our Ford Fiesta up the coast and lost reception many times more than the BMW. Then 6 weeks ago we drove my Tesla Model S up the coast and was very surprised to lose reception many more times than the Fiesta and especially the BMW............SO I drove down to San Rafael, 65 miles away to check it out. I love driving my Model S so it was a fun trip. I even dropped Pat off to visit with her relatives in the new casino in Rohnert Park.

The service people had never heard about my problem so who knows........so I will have to come back again ( The tech went out on a drive with me and knows what he heard,,,,,,,,,,,,a hissing noise that he admits....."Never heard before". The mystery continues

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