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arrow November 17  - November 23, 2013

Monday November 18, 2013

Not much is happening at the winery these days. I have to start working on the blends but I will need information on all the varietals in over 200 barrels. Like I said before we will make fewer wines this year and also we will bottle more wine next July rather than saving a lot to age 16 months rather than 10. I also have to start balancing my check book and decide how much of a salary Pat and I will receive this year.
We just got back from a short trip to the mountains to visit Pat's sister. I had a great time driving my Tesla Model S. We charged at Superchargers in Folsom and the Fremont factory. Today the stock dropped over 10% so I purchased another 100 shares and I now own 170. Since it is now selling for 120, I will buy much more if it goes lower. I believe in the Model S. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is a joy to drive.

Next week we will remove more pine trees and plant more olive trees. We actually harvested about 30 pounds of olives last week and we are curing them in salt. It will be fun to try them out in a few weeks. I plan on eating many while I watch my calories over the holidays.

Monday November 21, 2013

I know tomorrow is the day, I witnessed on radio, mostly, and then on TV, the assassination of JFK.......

There has not been much happening at the winery as I said before so I will talk about Tesla again since this diary is about me.

I love my Tesla, like many of us who have driven this car, we have been impressed. If you look at "Who Killed the Electric Car" back in 2006 when it came out.......all of us including Kate was very upset.

The Oil companies and especially the Internal Combustion Engine Companies want to sell their cars.

I had Catarino tell me he feared for my life, and my Mother too because they heard all these fires with the car I own AAAND of course I could be in danger.

I am up to 250 shares and hope to buy more, but only if it goes down more. I have read almost everything out there about Tesla because I am so impressed with the car and I get a consensus.......those who are against Tesla (TSLA) hope it will go down and those who are interested in buying more TSLA hope it will go down.........The stock market is an auction, sell to the highest bidder......so who wants to buy TSLA tomorrow if it goes down.........I will and so will the shorts.......so eventually TSLA will go up again, but everyone I have read about Tesla thinks the stock is over priced SO how do you value a revolution, like the iPhone, probably not since it is a lot easier to find the components to make and iphone, batteries are in short supply. We should buy Lithium Battery stocks. Elon may need them..........Elon has started something but can he finish? What is TSLA worth? Is this the next big thing? We will find out in the Market........


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