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arrow October 13 - October 19, 2013

Monday October 14, 2013

9:30 Pm: I thought I should not do this, but I will..........

A Dave's Club member came in yesterday and asked to pick up his Club shipment. Cindi was real nice to him even though we had asked for pickups after October 24. It is hard to keep track before then........long story

But this story continues. I remember being in the winery one time right in the middle of that horrible Raider game. Since the Raiders are one of my many passions, I wanted to get out of the winery quickly because I did not know where the game was for the last few minutes. I was asked a question of this Club member. "What is the score of the Raider game"......I was upset about the Raider score so I said....."I don't talk about the Raiders".

This guy "O" called today right in the middle of many winery decisions and told me he wanted to drop out of our Club because I did not answer his question. I flashed back and said, "You are the one who asked me about the Raiders?". Yes he was the one. I know some people are offended by the way I say things and what I say. I try, but I am not perfect so I make mistakes. I should be real nice to all customers, but it is hard. he sent me back an e-mail saying he liked my wine and liked the experiences here but he was offended.....long story

The cabernet today came in better than we had hoped. The petit verdot is tomorrow.

Harris Kratka is a problem, but we will deal with it.....another puzzle...............life goes on......tomorrow is another day...........

Wednesday October 16, 2013

Petit Verdot is one of my favorite wines so i was happy to see great quality yesterday, our last first crop........

Matt and i agreed that Marshall Harris would have most likely wanted to sell me his grapes instead of processing the wine to sell as bulk. He said he wanted someone to process the wine to sell for bulk so I thought I was doing him a favor but maybe it caused him more trouble. Marshall came by today to say he thought we should move the wine to another winery. Wow, I knew Matt would be happy so I thought it was a good idea. He related that if he had to remove the wine out of here in January, he might as well remove it now before we fill barrels. It saves him some money.

All my life I have only purchased new cars for me, except Sugar Lump.....another story.......Like I have said before.....I owned two Corvettes and two Porsches before I was thirty and several other cars in between, all new. I have purchased Three 5 series starting in 2003. All these cars were great because they were new......It will be fun to pick up my new Tesla tomorrow.

Tesla called me yesterday to inform me that my car will be ready for pickup tomorrow instead of October 22. OK so Cindi is driving me down to San Rafael tomorrow. Cindi is happy because she is going off after in her car to experience shopping. San Rafael is in Marin County and San Francisco is twenty minutes away. I hope Cindi will have a great time.....I sure know I will

Thursday October 17, 2013

Again a declaimer of sorts, this diary is for me to document what is important to me and not all is about winemaking........so I apologize if I sound excited

I must admit I was a wimp most of the ride back after picking up my MS (Model S Tesla). I was patient for me......I hardly got up to 70 twice and 80 once by mistake. This car is way to responsive in a good way.......you put your foot on the peddle and you have complete control......nothing like I have driven before, as I have said I have owned many great cars but nothing compares to this EV.

I was trying to make this short so here goes.......I get on Dry Creek Road the winding road leading up to my house 7.5 miles away. On Dry Creek Road I always suspect a driver ahead to be to be slow......you will often meet a farmer,,,,,,,slow.....I was right....... two slow drivers were ahead of me, ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). That was OK because this was the first time in this Electric Vehicle near my house. The three of us met at a School Bus, so that was my chance..........I waited and the slow cars moved ahead. I stayed while this distressed bus driver had to make a U turn. He was smart and waited with me while he backed up the drive way, back of him and was ready to go the opposite way. That was my chance. That gave me two minutes back of the two slow drivers.........wooooooooo.......I got up to 70 and backed off........there are a lot of turns on Dry Creek Rd that are nice to learn on, not too dangerous but the speed limit is 50 for a reason, it is windy and trucks or even tractors can be on the road.

Yes I caught up with those two cars and had fun taking some tight turns........so far.....this could be the best handling vehicle I have ever driven...............

Friday October 18, 2013

9:30 Pm: I am back to reality because of this winery. Today, we finished our second crop Zin although I heard there was some Carignan and Grenache in a bin or two. The sugar for this second crop was good......23 to 29 brix, complicated. This second crop at the end may be my RaiZin every year, second crop...........

Now that we have all the grapes in, some people think we take a vacation well carol shelton is saying what she thinks. Carol and I started the same year, 35 years ago.   It is rare I see her, we have wine to craft, blending, the fun.......... http://www.carolshelton.com/      http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20131016/articles/131019618

We have taken care of our babies. Sure the baby has been born but as we know in new born-es, we have to keep monitoring. With wine making, we have to check sugar, and when none exists we add so2. Some people think so2 is bad (sulfites). I still don't understand the protest. The Federal Government made us put a warning that our wine has sulfites......seriously, I respect those think it was justified but I disagree.

And, if there is a problem with people with sulfites, that is moot, since sulfites dissipate quickly in wine. After a few weeks free so2 is gone. Bound so2 is still detected. I think that free so2 is the only link to health because it is strong at input. When we add to barrels      the smell is strong. Brendan and I are still alive but now Matt and Salvador wear gas masks. I survived many years adding sulfites to barrels of wine and I am still alive.  Some say they have a problem with red wine........red wine has the least sulfites so that is my concern about the perception of sulfites. All it does is clean up the wine...........like putting a mouthwash in your mouth.......only my opinion.....I flunked Chemistry

Pat and I leave for a trip soon so it will be an adventure..........  

Carol does what we do.........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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