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arrow September 29 - October 5, 2013

Tuesday October 1, 2013

10:15 Pm: I got little sleep again last night. I worry too much. As you know, I do not like sleeping. I will sleep better tonight in 30 minutes by necessity.

I love politics. I am usually wrong about which side will win. I am a moderate as I have said before but I always hope we could all make enough money so we would be happy.

Our server blocked a confirmation to us from two of the very famous resorts up the Oregon Coast. It took two days to resolve why these very respected resorts were blocked. I am now thinking of getting my own server and accepting all e-mails. Since I know for a fact two responses on reservations in the last few days were not received by us......how many other important e-mails have we not received by pre-conceived blocked websites, servers....???

Pat and I got into Breaking Bad in the first season after I mentioned how great Dexter was to Jam Bo, who said "have you heard of Breaking Bad". Since he liked Dexter too I decided to look at the First episode and see what I thought. WOW, either you like the First episode or not, you will be hooked by the intensity and great performances and great story. I believe Breaking Bad is the best series I have seen.

Pat and I just started the 5th season so I think we may have another. I wait for the Blu Ray discs....they blow me away in sound and video so we will wait for the last season in two months on Blu Ray.....

It rained a little Yesterday, much less than some fog around here so we started irrigating again in sections that had some late varieties like Petit Verdot and the Escuro grapes. We are doing sugar tests on Thursday to see where we are. We will pick the rest of the Zinfandel on Friday and Saturday......Patience is a virtue....we are ready to go........Catarino and the crew gets the day off tomorrow....they are ready to go

Thursday October 3, 2013

8:00 Pm: Patience is a Virtue......I have trouble with. It is an adventure in control for me. I know I have to do it but it takes a big effort. I like to make spontaneous decisions, I like the challenge........patience can be a liability. Some of us want stability like I do but in the normal flow of the day during Harvest, there is no normal, especially patience.

Ok I was patient for a short time. We finally did sugar tests after very low temperatures at this time of year. We usually get many 90's and some 100's in the beginning of October so I am hoping for more warm highs.

The lowest reading we got by taking sugar samples today was 22.6 in our first section up front. That is near our septic system clear water. I am guessing there will be nothing left in the discharge into our front section from this filtered water several times BUT it does cause a different climate........So we have a lot of water going in that area.....well we do not need to irrigate BUT what if we tried some sweet wine possibilities......another time, botrytis........these vines are being taken out this fall........
8:30 Pm: I have the secret of longevity in life. I am sorry, there are many variables to this possibility..........

First you have to have good genes. We know some of us die early, because of accidents within life styles. But i still believe a debilitating aspect on life is too much exertion.

I have been around now for 70 years. I expect to live another 30. I will try not to exert myself too much more in that time period.

Way back when the life expectant age for men was below 70. Most men in the 50's through 70's were expected to be the bread winner, I heard that phrase many times when I was young. They died at earlier years than their wives. Men to this day die at an earlier year than women.......why. Ok I know i am going on too long here so i will pick this up at another time.........but it is obvious if you do too much exertion even close to NFL players, you will die earlier.

Friday October 4, 2013

8:30 Pm:

Oh darn it is now close to 9

Patience is a Virtue

We brought in all the rest of the Barbera and Old vine zin today. The sugars are good and we will harvest the rest of the young zin tomorrow. The quality looks great. We are hopeful........

I bought into this spec on the Tesla stock thing, a China play so I bought some KNDI. NOW................ There is a big fight going on, especially in the ethics of Seeking Alpha. I love Seeking Alpha, they send me at least 30 messages a day...............I know you are thinking like my wife...............WHY would you want someone to send you 20 messages a day.......... I am long KNDI so I see there could be some problems here about this fight. Seeking Alpha is blocking the positive statements for KNDI,,.......that is what the longs say, but they claim Seeking Alpha is letting a person come on their site and give statements admitting that he is short the stock assuming it will go down..... and if it does because he states some facts or not, does this person make a lot of money? So why does he get to post and others don't.........and saying false things about KNDI?.............This is starting to get interesting. What is Kandi?

Saturday October 5, 2013

8:30 Pm: I woke up this morning at 3:30.....I thought i got back to sleep for awhile at 5 am........ I knew I was suffering at 10 am from the lack of sleep. I hate sleep so I knew I asked for it.

I woke up at 3:30 with many things on my mind so I could not go back to sleep unless I tried counting backwards.10099989796959493..................... I thought it helped by 5:30.......I guess not.

I thought about............... I had not called my 91 year old Mother, Vivien in two days. Before my mother's heart attack as I mentioned in past entries........I rarely called my Mother. Now at 91 I can understand she wants to hear my voice...........she did call this morning. I had a reminder to call but she beat me to it.

We brought in the Zinfandel from Block 6 and the zin we budded over from Petite Siarh south of here. They both came in over 25 sugar. The taste was the best of the year..........spice to extreme..... We will keep both separate and see what happens.

You can try to ask Matt and I what we think of the Harvest, but we will not know much until we start tasting in November.

I hear the first weekend is Wine and Food affair so we could taste barrel samples that weekend also.

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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