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arrow August 18 - August 24, 2013

Monday August 19, 2013

9:50 Pm: Catarino and I were out walking around in the vineyard today with the intention to put up signs in the vineyard that showed where our new vines in the last few years.........lay......horizontal?.......We were most interested in marking the posts vertically in place.....with a sign that identified the row. We have planted many new vines........Chardonnay.......Muscat Blanc......Sauvignon Blanc      (Musque).........Gewurztraminer...........Pinotage......Petit Manseng.........Pinot Meunier........My goal is to produce a premium white wine blend next year.......Cuvee?......Do I have suggestions from all of you for a name?

We checked a few sections on the vineyard today for sugar and acid. I was surprised with all the results. Every year is a challenge so we have to reevaluate everyday. It is so much fun.

We got 16+ sugar in Pinot for our Structured Red wine.....we want 25........Another Pinot section came in at 20+. I suspect it is very uneven out there????.........We got 22+ and tried to pick the less ripe vines last week FOR sparkling wine. Did we pick the ripe stuff?

Catarino brought me the next sample he had collected.......Sauvignon Blanc, two sections.....one at 25+ and the other at 23+.......we need to pick!!

Barbera and Zin 6 were a surprise also, both coming in under 16 sugar. It will be a harvest of Sauv Blanc Wednesday.

There is a movement against all governments in the world to give US more privacy. We can see it in many European changes and many other countries in the East BUT of course it is happening here with people who work for the USA and giving out information to present a debate about our privacy here. It will be interesting and I look forward to hearing both sides.

BUT my focus will be in our Harvest.......        

Tuesday August 20
, 2013

Harvest has begun and here are the first videos:

First (42 sec)
Second (16 sec)

Yes Harvest is here also for tomorrow for sure. We did Pinot last week and we will harvest Sauv Blanc tomorrow. The local paper will be here so it will be fun!!!!!

Wednesday August 21, 2013

Planing for the Harvest is here. There are decisions that must be made to make sure the harvest of the fruit is done at the right time. Those decisions can change when Harvest is in full swing, usually in September. This year the decisions have to be made now, even though we are only in the middle of August. This is the earliest we have harvested in the sandy loam section where we have our new Sauv Blanc.

We harvested 1044 pounds of Sauvignon Blanc Musque Clone and about 1.5 tons of Sauvignon Blanc Clone One which is the clone that is most prevalent. We also harvested about 400 pounds of mixed whites in our old vine blocks. We pressed them together after obtaining the sugar and PH. We have a total of 24 sugar and a PH of 3.15. We are very happy with the results.

We also checked the sugar and PH in the Pinot again. This time I had Catarino avoid the obvious red fruit and stressed vines. He got 24+ in one section and 21+ in the other so we will harvest some Pinot next week for our red wine. We will probably use the rest of the fruit for sparkling wine, especially the less ripe vines which are under 20 sugar. We will turn the drip off in the ripe sections and keep it on in the less ripe first two rows.

10:30 Pm: As I have said I want to make a white wine blend that would rival a great red wine, especially in complexity and age ability. There are some French white Burgundy's that age a long time AND they have acid. The wine I blend will have acid but will it have complexity? I believe it could take me 5 years to produce this white wine Cuvee that I will think is OK. It will be hard to make a wine as good as Escuro, Terre Melange, Estate Cuvee, Aca Modot, or Block 4 and now Block One.......from white wine grapes? I could use red wine grapes? The French and many of us make a sparkling wine from Pinot that turns out clear white. I think I have enough pure white wine grapes to blend as reported above.

OK I sent this to Dry Creek Vineyard

"Dave Stare...........Before I became a proud owner of my vineyard, I met you in Marin county and I purchased several cases after that of a white wine at a great price. I think it was called something like Idlewood or Idlewide. It was a long time ago. I think it was made from the press of white wine? Do you have more information?.............Dave"

Do I think i will receive a personal e-mail back from Dave Stare? No way, but it could be nice if I did. I do not hold grudges but Dave Stare and I have not gotten along over the years. As i implied I met him in San Rafael in 1977. He was promoting some great wines and thus I was impressed. When I moved here in 1979, I knew I had to replant half my vineyard. My 10 acres of Old vines were at least 80 years old but still in great shape (They look better now after another 34). The other 10 were horrible....... I had to talk to Dave Stare since he was the first one in Dry Creek Valley to start a new winery in 30 years or more? I asked my best friend who was into Bordeaux and all great wine in California to sit down with me and Dave Stare. We were so excited when we got an appointment to see him.

I was shocked!! In all my life of 35 years at that time was I so disrespected. We asked many questions and only were received with one word answers. Both of us were outspoken at the time but we tried our best to show little emotion except an occasional what ever. It was a long time ago. When I asked Dave Stare what I should plant in place of the 10 acres of poorly planted young vines......he said two words.......Cabernet Franc. If I had listened to him, I would be better off. I planted Sauvignon Blanc.

I found out later, Dave Stare had looked at my vineyard to buy. Yes before I got interested. He thought it needed too much work, I was told by a little birdie. I had time and could live on the property, he did not have either.

Maybe he thought I could not succeed? We have seen and talked to each other many times over the years and he has always been aloof..........

Like i say, A lot of people think I am aloof...........but if someone asks me a question, I will stay to answer as long as I can.

The Press was out today so take a look........


Saturday August 24, 2013

9:30 Pm: Pat is off with her two sisters so I have time to reflect

I have a new theory for me. I assume I am ignorant since I suspect many before me have thought the same thing.......still I do not know one person...........

My question before my theory is thus...........

Why do all the past generations of men, not woman, die at a younger age?

My theory is based on what I have seen in all the relationships involving men and woman. Maybe some of you have different results.........

OK hear goes

Men die at a younger age because they do more physical activity!! Simple theory.........

Think of all the men in past centuries who have provided for women by physical activity.......

Sure stress could be one possibility that women think is a factor

I try everyday to learn more so I think of this often

I know some women these days think they are really active by doing exercises to maintain or to lose pounds. What I have observed in 70 years (NLF, BOXING, EVEN BASEBALL) men in sports and even women in sports are injured for life. Men and women by exerting their body to physical activity will create problems in the future. As I have said before.......every time I exercise too much...... I hurt my self. Just my opinion........physical activity is way overrated..........

Harvest is soon.........tomorrow is another day..........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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