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arrow July 28 - August 3, 2013

Wednesday July 31, 2013

We are back from a great vacation where we witnessed our relatives sell and buy a new residence in Southern  California. It was so much fun. I am home now and will focus on the harvest within two weeks...........Pinot for sparkling is ready to go.

i am back from my adventure to Irvine. I drove a rental 2013 328i four cylinder. It was fast and I actually had a good time shifting the 8 speed automatic. I may give up my 5 series.................

Trees to cut down tomorrow..........

Too much to do

We just put up our new prices for the bottled 2012 10 month wines. If any of you want the best pre-harvest price, just let me know..........

I love the Oregon Coast as i have said before. I could live there very happy. Pat enjoys the Coast but does not like my driving. I always want to get to my destination as fast as I can............BUT with caution at times. Pat suggested to go up to see Susie in Seattle next week, I suggested taking another week off before harvest. Pat does not want to spend time on the Oregon Coast when I am driving...........long story

It has been hard for me lately a little because of sports. I love my Raiders and they are rated the worst team in the NFL. Then there is Nadal, and then there is the San Francisco Giants who have lost many games recently. I hope all above can do better to make me happy.

My stocks are doing well.........tomorrow is an other day 

Friday August 2, 2013

9:00 Pm: I have wondered Why I like May, June and July months the most. Of course i can think of my birthday on May 3, or Kate's birthday on June 23. BUT I know why I like one of the things about this time:

I love the sun, I love light, it makes we want to be awake. May, June and July up North is the time when we see more sun, light.

Why I question this time of year and why I like it:

I think of this time is when we take in the least money. Our events are over, our pre-harvest offer is winding down because Harvest is near and very few customers come up to see us in the Summer time. I am sure they are having fun with their family. I am drawing money in other places and we are good, but I am buying stocks also, taking chances.

Harvest is near, for sure next week...........

Some of you remember I like roasting coffee beans on my BBQ. I have been a failure for months. Tonight I made the right decision and roasted coffee beans to perfection. I used the usual drum on the spit but roasted over 40 minutes which seems like a long tome to roast coffee beans from what I have heard...........10 to 15 minutes is usual. This new Weber is obviously different. The beans look great so I will have to go out and check them out.

As I have implied I do not mind making mistakes during the day and also in the evening. Most of the people I have been involved with over the 70 years of my life, do not like to show they have made a mistake. During the day, I am in control, and almost always, I am righteous. I have little time now but i could talk about Costco and the tree service companies........maybe another time..........my mind is working all the time.........

Catarino is back next week. He has been on vacation for two weeks. I am sure he is like me and can not wait to get back to the vineyard. We both thrive on the vines. He will want to know about where we stand about Harvest. It will be so much fun seeing one of my Best friends............

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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