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Monday January 14, 2013


One month after Susie's 25th birthday and one month after the killing of many people..............

I have been busy watching the NFL play offs and Pat is away so I have started looking at Titanic in 3d at times in the last several days. It is intense.

Most of you know I have many passions and most of them have been divulged in my diary. One is the Oakland Raiders but they have not been in any of the NFL Play offs in over 10 years. I still love to watch the games and i pick a team I like. A few years ago it was the New Orleans Saints and I was SO happy they won. This year I picked the Seattle Seahawks, somewhat because Susie lives in Seattle but also because they are young and will improve SO I was so surprised when they beat the 49ers and Green Bay earlier this season........ but last night they lost. Last night's game brought back a memory:

Probably, only I heard when the announcer said Seattle was down by 20 points and would be only the second team to come back from that far behind in the Play offs. I was there when Detroit is still the only team to do it in 1957.

I was at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kezar_Stadium in San Francisco with my Uncle Al and many other friends including Dan I suspect. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_McElhenny   Hugh McElhenny was on a tear. He was my favorite running back of all time. There should be videos of him online. I even got a ball signed by him when my father in 1953 brought me to the 49ers training camp. I was a big 49ers fan, a past passion. We had the million dollar backfield............http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YA_Tittle   Y.A. Title.............http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Perry_%28American_football%29  Joe Perry.............http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Henry_Johnson  John Henry Johnson. And of course the best Hugh McElhenny. They all were inducted in the Hall Of fame in the next few years.......

All these hall of fame greats were playing that day and we were up 17 to nothing at half time. I will only report what I remember that day since I was only 14 years old. At the beginning of the second half, I remember McElhenny making a great run. I also remember he was stopped short of the goal line. I sure wish I could see that game again. We were stopped and we kicked a field goal. We were up by 20 then...........We couldn't lose but we did. I don't remember how we lost But I will never forget after we were up by 20. My Uncle Al and all with us decided I had to get up early tomorrow, Monday, and take the streetcar to Kezar and wait in line until I paid for tickets for all of us the next Sunday to see the Championship Game. I don't even remember who Detroit  played the next weekend or who won.

I have to get back to watching Titanic in 3d...........

Tuesday January 15, 2013

A close friend of mine read my diary last night and I am copying a great story about his experience when he was 12 years old:

Read your diary re game in 1957  I was at that game with my father.  We had season tickets on the 30 yard line section M.  They cost $22.50 for 6 games. The ticket price was $3.75 per game. End zone seats were $.50 cents for those under 12.  I believe the final score was 28-24. I cried---It was the last time we had season tickets.  The next several years I went by myself and sat in the end zone for 50 cents.  Then one Sunday the clerk wouldn't sell me a ticket for 50 cents--saying I was too tall to be under 12.  I waited until right before the game and walked over to the gate ticket taker and handed him a one dollar bill folded up.  He let me in.  It was the first time I beat the system. Not the last.

Here is a link to what happened in the game between the 49ers and Detroit in 1957/

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