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Sunday April 14, 2013

I am posting last week again because a lot has happened and we need an update. I can't remember all that has happened unless I document it. My wife and I do not agree on the parking lot.........big trouble. See way below for more new info........BUT this part from the past is good also
Monday April 8, 2013

8:00 PM:

This morning at 9am........Surprise, surprise, After an effort, 45 minutes, I finally got a pleasant male voice concerning my dispute with the IRS, That was surprising since I had a # to connect direct to Diane Muse, operations manager. The phone #, I thought was her direct line, directed me to the 1040 form and not the 1120 Corporation form which the dispute was about. They stated upfront "This can usually be resolved by phone". I asked "Is Diane Muse a name made up"?.

I worked for a few corporations who made up fake names to correspond to............then when one would ask for that person, we would say "she is so busy and can not take your call so I hope to help you.........Union Oil...............

So this guy at the IRS did not reply to many of my questions because according to him, he had little authority to help me out. "Do you have a supervisor?" no was his answer. I was extremely nice and overly upbeat for me and on a few times when I relayed to him "The IRS is asking me for back taxes of $167,000". He did not respond.  

Ok if you have not read the last diary posting and maybe you are interested, you could hit the back button.......The bottom line is the IRS is asking me for $167,000 in back taxes. That required me to have tequila last night.

I found out there is a new requirement by our Congress, I am sure they had to approve of this............Our credit card processors are required to file a 1099K and report all credit card sales to the IRS. That is fine with me but I read, some of those people I rarely deal with, I know I should resist, but these people could be Tea Party Members........I am sorry, I have never met a Tea Party member BUT I would guess some of them have been sequestered by the IRS, just like me.......

Like I said this diary is just for me to state what I think once in a while. It is not necessarily interesting to anyone else

This is what I found out, yes there is a requirement that the credit processors have to report what you charge. I have heard it may be because EBAY providers have been hiding their income.

So my guess for me is the total for credit card gross income for us was about what we did in total sales. That could not be right since we do take in some checks and a little cash. I ran the totals several ways and came up close to what Gary reported to the IRS. Since we do have refunds we give by check, it could be close. That is enough for tonight on this subject........................


9:00 PM:

I am thinking about paving our parking lot. While up in Oregon, we saw many primitive graded parking lots near the beaches. Pat and I agreed on a few that looked rustic, especially not like asphalt, black and ugly.

Just before we left a supplier of Chip Seal contacted us because they had a bunch of chip seal left over from a site near us and wanted to make us a deal. They were completely unreliable by contact so it did not work out.

BUT when I looked up Chip Seal on my vacation, I had no idea what it was about at the time. I thought it may work after we saw a few places up in Oregon. I have learned I know little but maybe more than most about Chip Seal...........it is cheap and may work for most parking lots.........BUT we have equipment moving around so we may need to do an asphalt sub base.

I hear some of you can't follow me on this diary. I hear it is too long

As some of you may remember I threw out my back last year when I bounced too high on our parking lot with a fork lift. I want that to end...........

I have decided to have a little confidence in this new guy. He says I should dig out 2.5 inches of our good base rock and 3/4 inch rock. So he IS going to come in here Thursday and start. Then Friday he will bring in 2 inches of asphalt and cover it with rock. It will be a flat surface but be rough. I may keep my wife happy. She does not want to see the black asphalt. Hey Black to me OK............also Raiders football and Giants baseball................ 

 all of us are perfect in one way, we all know what is inside us...........

Tuesday April 9, 2013

8:00 Pm:

It is a wonderful Spring day here and I had to move all of our equipment out of the way so we have room to redo our drive way. I had to work for a change since Catarino is off with his hernia operation recovery. As expected Catarino wants to come out and help tomorrow.

I have another problem with:


He is the provider of the design Kate and Pat decided on because they thought I was not interested or thought they did not want me involved. We are remodeling the condo that Kate lives in with a roommate. We all agree the kitchen needed to be remodeled. Like I said they wanted to decide on their own. Kate and Pat have trouble making these kind of decisions, but they know i tend to take over. I looked at a far but got in my Diggs at times. I can be annoying. They wanted one thing or the other and we are fine with the counter top being in Granite all the appliances in Samsung and then there was the cabinets...........

Kate and Pat had a great deal of trouble finding someone to be interested in their small project in a kitchen in San Francisco. Finally without my approval they decided on Kitchen Sync. Gary only had one thing that looked fine to them, cabinets. It could have been fine but now Kitchen Sync wants all the money upfront for the cabinets before delivery. This guy Gary was asked and recommended a contractor who wanted to charge us twice what I though, The next contractor he recommended was still way too high SO I got Pillor down there to find out what he thought, Pillor is my go to guy. He does concrete around here and any construction including finishing our new Building  that has finally not been disputed by the county...........I could go on..............

Pillor questioned these cabinets we ordered.........would they fit.............we want to inspect them before delivery..............Gary from KitchenSync wants all the money up front. I have offered Gary a check so he could save my credit card fee and 90% tomorrow in a check. I am waiting for a reply but all his previous messages says "It is our Policy to collect money up front"

Tomorrow is another day

Wednesday April 10, 2013

9:00 Pm:

Hops are the female flowers (also called seed cones or strobiles) of a hop species, Humulus lupulus.[1] They are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, to which they impart a bitter, tangy flavor, though hops are also used for various purposes in other beverages and herbal medicine.

Some of you have heard of hops in beer, most of you maybe not, I have not taken a pole. I love some new beers that are Strong in hops.......bitter, tangy. Pat does not like it and many others I have tasted with are not fans. I love hops and maybe a wine could be made with a similar character. I found a new favorite beer of mine. Lagunitas "UndercoveR, shut down..........I only like a sip or two..............hops

I will have more to say about my ongoing projects/problems tomorrow. The IRS may be interesting to some of you............. and the parking lot will be documented on the diary all day tomorrow.....and Friday. The kitchen dispute looked resolved but I have a lot to say tomorrow...............

Thursday April 11, 2013

I like Richard. Richard is a dynamic person when with him or on phone. He and his crew were here to gut out the hard base rock that we have put in here over 30 years of time, probably 20 times. They had underestimated how compacted the base rock is here in our 10,000 square feet in the middle of our drive way. Their heavy equipment had toruble removing the base. They needed to bring in the first stage of asphalt tomorrow but now Richard knows we need to take care of a low spot in the walking area. When it rains, some of you may remember there is a low pot that is annoying. Richard and his crew will be back tomorrow to deal with this low spot by digging out more rock..........that way they will be ready to install the asphalt and a powder coat on top of it, probably Monday...............long story


Gary has been a problem like I stated before. I found out we do not have a written contract. I have told him I am OK with a verbal. He needs to get back to me.

There may be a problem with the design with the ceiling in the condo Kate lives in in San Francisco. We have ordered cabinets from Gary and he did not measure to calculate................the ceiling in this condo constructed in the 1890's withstood the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes...........has a ceiling that slopes one way. The floor seems to be level, but who knows. So Gary orders cabinets with not checking the height were they go. We want to inspect the cabinets when delivered before we pay all the money upfront. Gary wants ALL the money before he will deliver...................

Taxes and death.........The IRS wants more money from me. I knew this was going to happen again because I spend money too much and thus have deductions enough to avoid most taxes. I not do it to avoid my fair share, like I know some do. I do it because I like spending money. I am thinking of an automatic riddling machine next.............and other sparkling wine equipment. I don't make much money, but I do get cash flow. The IRS is confused and my accountant and I are trying to figure it out................ 

Tomorrow is another day

Friday April 12, 2013

I don't like to do this but above is what I said last night and had no time to post because of an e-mail to Gary. Today is another day

Tonight 9:00 Pm: Like I said Gary wants all the money upfront. I could go on about his e-mails and mine...BUT...... the bottom line is we do not like each other and he acts and has responded that he does not trust me to pay the bill after inspecting the cabinets. Is he having financial problems?  Believe me this cabinet maker Ultracraft he has orders through from state unknown to me has gotten real bad reviews. I was not consulted. Pat and Kate reviewed and communicated with Gary who I do not trust now. The e-mails with Pat by him all state full payment would be required before delivery. SO Gary has an unwritten contract. I told him I do not approve and I pay the bills. He still wants full payment before delivery. I have tried everything.......... I pleaded with him yesterday......."please accept my check, It will save you over 2%. I just want to see the cabinets upon delivery. Gary is persistent, he wants payment in full before delivery. We tried to compromise once when I told him I would pay 90% and hold back 10%. He agreed because he wanted my credit card to make sure he charged the day of delivery. He wanted another check for 40% after we already paid him 50% 6 weeks ago ...............

Gary says...........
"If you pay 40% of the total or $ 4,030.00 in the form of a check that I can deposit 10 days before you take delivery of the cabinets and provide a credit card number, exp date, 3 digit code and the billing address for that card so that on the day that you receive the cabinets I can charge the final 10% or $ 892.00 remaining balance to that card, then I will agree to those terms.I will need your approval of these new terms in an email."
 I said OK until I found out more from My contractor. As I have said he is concerned about the measurements on the ceiling.

Gary is not backing off so I told him I want to cancel my contract and get a full refund. He has not responded today. He may sue me or I may for the first time sue someone. Pat is convinced he will back down........I doubt it after our e-mail exchanges...........

Below is what I received in the last few days in the order of a blog which I dislike......last messages first.............  
You and I agreed to new terms and I am staying with those new terms.
Yes, I measured the ceiling height and yes I believe it will fit.

----- Original Message -----
From: David Coffaro
To: Gary Craddock
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:40 PM
Subject: Re: Cabinet order

This is getting unreasonable.

i respect that you and I do business in a way that is fair to us first. I believe in satisfying my self first. I also respect the wishes of all my customers. The customer is always right unless they are trying to cheat me out of money. So I am not trying to cheat you out of money and you I am sure are not trying to cheat me out of money SO why can't we get this resolved?

I try but I assume you are not a person to reason with but I will try...........

I am a customer.............The customer has a right because they are providing our living. As long as a customer is trusted, we want to keep them happy recommending us and coming back.

I have changed my mind. I do not think you have an answer to the ceiling problem. This condo was built in the 1890's and you should have looked up at the ceiling to measure. I assume there will be little problem, maybe we would have to cut a small amount out of the bottom of the Spice cabinet and then that sets all the other levels, I would pay for that small problem. I admit, my contractor may be wrong, but i want to keep him happy so i appease him for now. I know our contractor can make it happen if necessary for little money to me. I am rambling..............seriously all I am asking is for you to bring in the cabinets and I will assure you I will pay by check within one hour of inspection. I am sure we will be happy.

Are the cabinet makers demanding the money right away, maybe that is it?

Everyone I have been in contact with on this matter has agreed with me, a rarity........I should not pay anymore until delivery..........my wife even agrees, a big surprise to me. Please let me pay on delivery

On 4/11/2013 9:30 PM, Gary Craddock wrote:

Your cabinets will arrive into the San Leandro warehouse tomorrow.

Attached is a copy of my revised order prepared after several revisions of the layout with Pat. The payment terms shown on this quote/order as shown on all my previous quotes show the same 50% deposit/50% balance due prior to delivery.

Next is a copy of Pat's email approving the order as is. It's not a signed order but clearly an email approval

I hope that we are still in agreement for the revised terms that you and I agreed on with our 4/10 email.
I look forward to your next payment.

9:00Pm: If a few of you have followed to this part, it will be different.

This is what I sent to Gary in the morning of April 12, Friday and i have not gotten a message back

>>>>...........I stated........My terms are final. I will pay by check within one hour after delivery.

I am willing to cancel the order and ask for a refund of my deposit so I need to know if that is what you want so I can reorder the cabinets from someone else.......your choice.........Dave

Before that Gary sent me this message
On 4/12/2013 9:39 AM, Gary Craddock wrote:

You and I agreed to new terms and I am staying with those new terms.
Yes, I measured the ceiling height and yes I believe it will fit.

This is what I am thinking about sending to Gary tomorrow after noon, after i expect he has not replied to my last e-mail since Friday morning. I assume he is ignoring us

Friday morning

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gary, I am happy to document this by e-mail,

 I try to relate to you........I have little hope, but this will make a good diary post about my life

My wife says she did not think you were really meaning:::::::::........ we had to pay for everything before we could take delivery. My wife does not lie.........I guess you fooled her.....not fair...........
.........I started in the business world in 1962. My Mother bought me 4 shares of Bethlehem Steel as a gift. Kennedy said something soon after that, negative about the steel industry.!!!!!!! My first investment as a gift from my Mother was a big loss. I have lost a lot of money over the years in the Stock Market and I have made much more...............But in 1979 I had to make a change and I picked this place. I had no money left. I started all over with my mind, and body. I love what I do and I always want to make people happy. I am getting the impression you do not want to make people happy. I am failing with you,,,,......I am very disappointed in you........maybe we can figure this out? Can we understand each other and resolve this......................

I want to see the cabinets delivered and make sure they are OK. Every e-mail from you gives me less confidence these cabinets will work for us. You made me concerned so I now am seeing negative reviews about these cabinets online.....I am not asking for much, unless you think I am not going to pay the bill...............that is an insult

We do not want to have this go to small claims court. We can work it out........or are you going to be a problem as you have implied......everyone knows I am easy to deal with and fair............this could be easy for both of us. You get a check and save over 2%. You are not getting my credit card NOW SO you are ahead 2% with a check. I only state the facts...............

10:00 Pm:  Pat is not happy with the parking lot. This problem in the parking lot is more important to Pat than i thought. I have tried, tried and tried. She wants rustic, we are trying to figure out what that means.

Tomorrow is another day and I will try to find out what Pat wants. she will not tell me, speficaly...............I find out she does not want to see asphalt, so I thought she meant the black color, but now i hear it is more about rocks. Pat wants rocks. I said we could press rocks in so it would be smooth and we could drive on the surface. So pat says.......No I do not want it to be looking like concrete or the road. SOOOOOOOOO I am confused. I asked her about the shoes people have, including heals in our parking lot. No answer........ about they have trouble in rock.

So I have to talk to Richard..........he and I may be able to figure this out. Pat wants rustic, we want to make Catarino, Matt and Salvador happy to drive around here more quickly and without bouncing. Pat does not ever drive a forklift so we have trouble relating to her. I am hoping Pat will be happy with what Richard, Catarino and I come up with. I am easy, most of the time................

Tomorrow is another day

Monday April 15, 2013

Today has been a good day, except the stock market went down. The good news is Matt and his sister are safe. Matt was with his sister who ran in the Boston marathon today and she finished just a few minutes before the explosions, so luckily they were out of the way.

Also good news.......Gary and I are working things out so it looks like we will be getting our cabinets. ALSO we finished paving our parking lot in asphalt. Pat has been great today. Catarino and Richard along with my suggestions,,,,,,,,,,,,,way crazy.............long story.......helped Pat realize what we have now will work out for the best. We have more work to do with our Wine Club tomorrow and the next several days to get the wine out. Credit Card problems are very time consuming, but most customers come through with updates.

Tuesday April 16, 2013

First of all i would like to thank Brad our webdesigner. He noticed some of my typing was off place, I know........... formatting and copying and pasting in the wrong place ........I am not perfect........as all who have interacted to me know............So thanks Brad and especially Dri. I look forward to seeing you soon............

Matt is do home by Friday. We could have used him for organizing when we redid our parking lot and then spent three days preparing.......... in order to generated labels. Matt needs us to get more info for the club so we will hope to hear from him tomorrow.........

I told him we needed his input and I hoped most of all your trip was good.

Gary and I are getting along. He and i are not thinking the same on many wave lengths, but I am confident we will have the right cabinets. We will see. I sent him a check for 40% today. He only demanded it 7 days before delivery......SO we we do not expect deliver for at least 2 weeks so it looks good for this business arrangement. Most people should get along with Gary. I am not the normal customer. He said in all his years, he has not had a customer not pay for the cabinets up front before delivery. I am assuming Gary usually deals with customers who are way too busy to read his demands. Ok Pat and Kate are fine, I just would not pay for anything ahead of time unless I knew their track record. I order almost everything through Amazon and someone who can show me their product. I saw our flooring, I saw our granite, I did not see a replicable of our finished cabinets. I will pay him the last 10% after inspection after a week. We may start before my birthday, may 3

9:00 Pm: Pat does not like changes that I suggest, mainly because I do big changes for her.....

How did Pat and I get together, is still a mystery. I will have more to say as the years go on. This is my diary.

So Pat and I are still trying to figure each other out. She is looking at the new asphalt and like I am, trying to figure out what it will mean to our new life with BLACK TAR. We both are keeping an open mind, because there are ways to change the way it looks. I ran the forklift around this place for 2 hours. I was amazed how smooth the forklift without shocks ran steadily over this new surface. Time will tell we think...........

Pat will get down to Giants games at the beginning of May, just in time for cabinets, no kitchen then.........remodel will start.......I may have to be down there so we may not get much of a break. I love spending money. The Condo in THE CITY is next.

Wednesday April 17, 2013

i dislike diaries for at least one way. It is a documentation of the past. I wrote what happened to me last night, now I write about today. I try not to look back to the past even in this diary, BUT if i do want to look back what i wrote, I have most of what I live documented here so I guess i will continue to write.

Gary and i are set up for May 8 for the delivery of the cabinets. I even asked if I could take him out to lunch that day. I am sure he thinks I am being too nice to him. I never hold a grudge and i only consider the next day so he will prove himself.

Tonight we tasted several wines. I open many wines during a week or two. Usually 6 at a time and taste over a few days, then what we don't consume, I use to top off barrels. Tonight i found a bottle of 2010 Block 4 aged only 10 months. Remember those wines in 2010 were high in acid and Matt and I decided to produce all those wines in a 16 month version and lower the intense acid which was similar to acid that comes from Bordeaux. There are now very few cases left of those intense 10 month wines from 2010, mostly in my cellar now. I am happy to report I liked it the best over some heavy competition......The 2009 Block 4, 2009 Estate Cuvee, 2010 Cab, 2010 Petite Sirah, 2010 Chalk Hill. All those wines were aged 16 months so I liked the wine aged 10 months better......... I only had an ounce of each except the 2010 Block 4 so it will be fun to taste again over the next 4 days.

Pat and I are fortunate that we had parents who were very smart and encouraged us to be successful. Many do not have that fact. Some would say Faith or luck are involved, but i like to state facts all else is guessing. But that is how AAPL, AMZN, FB and of course GOOG got started............

On the lighter side, my documentation of my past below.

Will I read below again? no because it is the past but I have it in my mind everyday BUT I will forget all, yes.........when I die..........

I worked at Rincon Annex, the largest Post Office in San Francisco, all through the 60's. I was on the production lines the sorting areas and Sweet Potato pie. In those days we got mail to the big cities over night, even if it had a regular postage stamp of 5 cents in the early 60's and went to 6 cents in 1968. We had a great part-time job at a little over 2.00 an hour. Some of us have done real well because the Post Office helped us with nice hours...5:30 Until 6:00Am if you wanted. I met Elsie on one of those nights. We worked 12.5 hours with 30 minutes for lunch......no over time, we asked but it was some exempt provision for the govt.

It was a nice time, I had a Corvette bill for $127 a month and so it was easy to pay for that, even though I made only $400 a month. My Mother, Vivien did not charge me for rent in her house in San Francisco. When I moved to Fairfax in Marin County in 1971 I was 28 years old. I moved into a house that I purchased for $14,000 and paid $120 a month for my mortgage payment. The house was so inexpensive because there were 120 very uneven steps up to my front door..........More another time

Gold is down. What does it mean? here is a good link


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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