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arrow February 5 - February 11, 2012

Tuesday February 7, 2012

We have recovered from the Super Bowl and my Mother's 90th birthday, nice time. Also last night was the last time I tasted a few of the 40+ wines opened from last week. Now I have to get all the info ready for our labels. Also I must start thinking about what barrel samples we will serve on the first two weekends of March and what we will offer for the 2012 Futures.

On about March 27 we will offer most of our 2012 Futures with two possibilities. In the last few years we have aged some of our wine longer and thus bottled in July and January. We will now offer a choice every year to purchase either style. I like oak but I think it is cheating because it does alter the wine and sometimes create more complexity at the expense of fruit or natural character. Since 2008 I have tried these two styles, wines aged 10 months and wines aged 16 months. I find some of the time I like one style and other times I prefer the other. I think it is fun so I will continue to bottle wine at two times.

This offer will cause more confusion for you and especially for me. As usual I have to decide how much wine I will produce but now also how much to age 10 months and how much to age 16 months. I could be traditional but that would be no fun......meaning I could only offer Cabernet Sauvignon aged for 16 months BUT I like our Cabernet aged 10 months also because it has more intensity and structure.....less smooth. I found the 2010 Cabernet aged 16 months was more complex and had a nice finish but showed less tannin.

As usual we will offer the wines until May 31. At that time the prices will go up and I may not offer some of the wines again until we actually produce them in the fall. The wines aged 16 months will be offered at $2 more a bottle.      


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