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arrow October 21 - October 27, 2012

Sunday October 21, 2012 

10:00 Am: I am extremely organized when it comes to the winery, The Winery is my ultimate passion so I ignore customers some times when they come in to taste....that is wrong but I have to focus on what is important during the Harvest.

Pat is away at the wrong time. She is with our two daughters in Portland where it is raining....Matt is running a half marathon this morning. How could they plan these events and compromise Harvest?..............because the Harvest is not their ultimate passion.

As I say I love making wine and today will be our last big day. I will be sad because my passion will be over in the first phase. We still have barrels to fill and decisions on blends in December but the extreme pressure to decide when to harvest will be over.

This year may be the best quality I have seen from this vineyard but I see acids dropping quickly so I still think 2010 will be the best long term. The intensity in the grapes of this 2012 Vintage will be hard to beat so we have decided to add acid to keep this harvest in balance. We had a hot summer and then a cool spell and then two hot spells........a long growing season so acid levels have dropped.

I do not want to make wines like everyone else. I can't believe how most winemakers are following  the same way to make wine. Really...they are winning awards, but I think they found what makes the judges happy and are following each other. I don't enter competitions anymore.

So the sugars are perfect this year, the flavor is intense but the acids have become low. We harvested our Cab the last two days and the acids in some sections look fine so we will check again today. Besides Cab today we are also picking our Mourvedre and some Zinfandel that was not ripe earlier.

Tuesday October 23, 2012

I am trying to escape right now, but too many things are on my mind so I am taking a break, not an escape to relate.

We will do second crop Thursday and Friday and finish our estate crop. We still have some poison oak infested vineyard that Bruce has hopes of getting in here.

Tomorrow is Pat's Birthday so I am trying to figure out what to cook for her. She is still thinking and will get back to me.....tomorrow is another day

Thursday October 25, 2012

Pat had a great day yesterday on her birthday especially since her beloved San Francisco Giants won the first game of the World Series.

Today Catarino and his crew are out picking our second crop Zinfandel. Catarino says there might still be 2.5 tons. Bruce may purchase some of the fruit. It looks like we will be making about 6500 cases for our winery and another 2000 cases for Bruce.....a record total for this facility.

Some of you were wondering if the lower acids in the last of the grapes to come in will be a problem for this years wines. I can report I don't see a problem. We added a little tartaric acid to our Carignan and Cab Franc which will put the wines in balance. We will be filing a lot of barrels in the next week or so.

Saturday October 27, 2012

Wednesday I had a sharp pain go into my mid back area. Since I was 30 years old I have had episodes of back pain but in a place lower than where this is. This 40 year problem with my back has actually improved over the years. This new injury occurred in a similar way though.....no warning....I was bending over slightly and adjusting the forklift blades. This action requires a small amount of lifting up, to slide the forks over. All of a sudden this sharp pain struck me and I almost collapsed to the ground. I steadied my self and got onto the forklift and moved several barrels around but the pain continued....especially when a bounce occurred while traveling over the rock in our parking area. Like I said several days ago, I would like to concrete the whole area around here. I know now that the bouncing that I have endured over the last two months while driving the forklift many hours a day, has finally caught up with me. I am doing OK, but I can't lie flat or sit back in my chair and then get up without a sharp pain again. The pain has not improved and is worse every time I want to move during the night. I can't turn over in bed without excruciating pain. I have started taking some Codeine pills which help a little but make me a little sleepy. Ibuprofen helps a little less, but I will continue with those pills. When I am up and walking, I have no pain, but getting up or bending down is a problem. Yesterday I let Matt drive the forklift, but rest has not helped. Tomorrow is another day..........

For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com


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