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arrow August 12 - August 18, 2012

Sunday August 12, 2012 

I am back from a trip down to Santa Monica where we poured at an event to promote Dry Creek Valley. We stayed 3 nights and the weather was wonderful....about 75 high and 65 low, maybe 80 the last day. Most of Southern California averaged about 100 high. We visited Pat's sister in Irvine before and even stopped in Paso Robles on the way down.

The addition has been insulated and sheetrocked and I have not heard anymore from the County of Sonoma. Soon we will start storing new barrels in there and maybe a few barrels of wine. Bruce the Wine Guerrilla is scheduled to custom crush over 20 tons here and probably the new area is best for storage. It is separate from the other buildings and thus can be locked up which is required.

Harvest is near. We actually could harvest some Pinot for sparkling wine tomorrow but the PH is sitting at about 2.85 (too much acid) so we will Harvest the week of the 20th. Zinfandel looks to be about a month away.

Thursday August 16, 2012 

Ever had someone call you a wop? I never had until yesterday. It was from a past girlfriend.....long story

Pay day for our employees. We actually have 9 employees three only for Harvest. In the last few years I have helped the economy in hiring 2 new permanent.

It is exciting....we are getting ready for Harvest. Bruce was by and we are getting ready to harvest his grapes also. It will easy, not having to worry about Nadal. Harvest should be easy this year since I have a new knee and we are making new wines. The addition is finished and I will have more tomorrow. ALSO pick up party Saturday.

Friday August 17, 2012 

I have more information on our new addition. I still have not heard back from the County of Sonoma, that is a good thing. As I have said before we have a permit to store wine legally in our excising storage building and our new one. There are two issues in dispute with the county. One issue is regards to ADA. They want me to have wheelchair access through out all the areas. The second issue is they want me to put a greater fire break to protect people who stay upstairs in our guest house. Both of these changes would require the removal of all our wine. I have asked for a hardship exemption and have heard nothing back for one month.

The new storage building has been completed. We have insulation and sheetrock and paint done and we have lights. We are now putting in many barrels that will be used for winemaking this year.


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