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arrow January 15 - January 21, 2012

Tuesday January 17, 2012

The blending is going well. There are always some problems.....one has been the cold mornings. We have been starting at 7:30Am and the last two days the temperature outside has been 26 degrees. That has caused our pipes to freeze up for awhile even though they are wrapped. These 2011 wines seem to have plenty of character and I brought up a glass of Estate Cuvee and Petite Sirah to taste with dinner tonight. Everything is on schedule to bottle the last of our 2010 wines starting on January 30.

My Mother is still in the hospital. There have been a few complications and she has had her good days and some not so good. Today she is having a blood transfusion. They are hoping to release her to Skilled nursing in a day or two. She will stay there, where Medicare covers, until she is stronger, probable a few more days. She should be home for her 90th birthday on February 5.

Thursday January 19, 2012

Our blending of the 2011 wines has finished. All the wines I have tasted have been similar in style compared to past vintages. Only the 2010 Vintage has more acid than any in 10 years. We just sent out an e-mail to all customers who have purchased some of our 2010 Futures which were bottled in July. We offered to replace any of these wines with the 2010 wines to be bottled starting January 30. The wines to be bottled in a week have had some Potassium Carbonate added to lower the acid a little. Thus these wines will be more like past vintages. Over the months we have had a few customers say the wines bottled in July are tasting different from past vintages so this is an opportunity for them to trade to the wines aged 16 months. Like I said in the e-mail: I want to keep my customers happy. I must emphasize that the wines bottled in July with higher acid will age much longer. It will be fun for me to try the two styles side by side. I would suggest any of you interested should obtain both.


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