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arrow May 27 - June 2, 2012

Sunday May 27, 2012  

We have a cat named Foggy....She has been an outside cat for years. We hardly saw her when Piano was alive. He was a male cat who terrorized her. It seems like it took her two years after Piano passed away and then she started to come around again. She does not like to be inside. She still does not like me touching her. If I am quick I can pick her up, but she would rather not be touched. She is very friendly and we meet several times in the evening when I am off to the winery to make my espresso. We get close and we both turn around and circle each other but we do not quite touch. She is happier that way. She seems to always be looking around for someone who is after her.

I am recovering slowly. I am better off now than I was before the operation so I am somewhat happy. I am inpatient.

Monday May 28, 2012

9:00 Pm: I feel guilty...even though this is a holiday I realize I have posted few messages lately. Seriously, it has been pretty boring around here unless you like reading Gone With The Wind as I am icing down my leg. So this is the schedule most everyday:

Get up at 8:30 or 9. I have never slept so long!! As some of you know I hate sleeping. I have learned maybe it is important just this one time during recovery. I go down stairs on a weekday and check the Market. I have been purchasing a lot of stock....I may sell....long story........

By 10 or 11 I go up to escape and read my Kindle and then ice my leg.....GWTW...87%....I go back down to usually see the end of the stock market. All these times I am grouchy in the office, but I try to socialize with all our principals who are here, Pat, Catarino, Martha, Salvador, Then Cindi or Matt at 11am. By 3 or 4 I navigate up to ice my leg again and then I am ready to taste wine at 5:30 and burn a lot of calories walking around making dinner.......

I am still puzzled!! Why every year recently are our total "Futures" orders down on this initial offering. Some of you purchase right away at these obviously lowest prices. You know you can always change your order later at usually no additional cost but most of our customers wait to taste and decide later or what? This year is no different.....our sales on the 2012 Pre Harvest are down a little and prices will go up on June First.

I will have more tomorrow........

Tuesday May 29, 2012

10:00 Pm: First of all I post these diaries for my self to document what I do. I do know some of you look at my diary often. So I am careful in what I write....both in prose and in some thought. Sometimes I update after I read what I wrote, so reload cache.

I was happy today because I went off to the bank and Costco all by myself. I am growing up and becoming an individual again. I am not an invalid anymore. Tomorrow I go off to St. Helena again for a check up to see how my motion is in my leg (That is what they said on the phone). My motion in my left leg, the new one, is better than my right.

Big news for me!!! After all these months I have convinced Pat to let me buy a new Frig and of course get an ice maker that works. We need a new dishwasher also.

Tomorrow before I leave for St. Helena I will greet Catarino after he arrives with our new Muscat and Petit Verdot vines and then Matt will be getting ready to disgorge our 2010 sparkling wines. The Belmont Stakes and our sparkling wine event is June 9.....come and enjoy.

Wednesday May 30, 2012

9:00 Pm: I was very impatient today for many reasons. I hate it when the stock market goes down for insignificant reasons. We have been down for weeks because some are concerned about Europe. Europe is way too expensive and rated way too high as far as I am concerned so I am buying US stocks again. I am not concerned about Europe.

So I get impatient again, why does Catarino not have his new tractor. This sales guy tells me he has one in stock but it has been a week so far and no new tractor. I even said I would pay cash. I will be patient.....

Don't you just not like it when things don't go the way you think they should........I don't mind when things don't go my way when I am in control of the situation. I can deal with it. I was impatient and I tried and succeeded to show no emotion from 2:05 Pm when I took off in my car......I am hurting a little tonight. I drove over to St. Helena, 55 minutes each way, for my check up and waited a long time. I was patient but did not like it. I should have brought my Kindle. I got there 10 minutes early and was asked to come in at 3:15 right on time. It was really strange from then until 4:54 when I got out. I was moved to many different sections. I say sections because the first several were not really rooms. One place I was in at first, nothing happened seriously. It was in an area where there were two doors and a window looking out into another hallway or room. I was there for about 20 minutes and at least 10 people walked by and some more than once. I was greeted several times and assured K...? would be with me soon. I heard at least once "We are not ready". I was wishing for my Kindle. Then I was brought to an area to take my weight and blood pressure. After, I asked if I should go to the last place and I was told it was OK here. Then 30 seconds later I was moved to another location. Finally I was brought to room 8 with a door so I was hopeful I was near seeing K...? A guy came in and asked a few simple questions so I was sure this was not K...? He left at 3:55 so I was hoping to get out in the 45 minutes they promised me. I had nothing to do. I read my exercise book I was given 3 weeks ago. I tried several of the movements and decided I was doing fine and wanted to get this examination over and back home for wine by 5:30. Minutes elapsed......finally K...? I am sorry I can't remember his name....came in at 4:30 and was very nice and assured me what I knew....I was doing fine. He said I should be 60% back to recovery in 6 weeks. I said to myself...I am way ahead of that. I left at 4:55 and I had my first glass of wine at 6:00 pm.

Now at 9pm I do have some pain from the exercises done in the office while waiting. I will have a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow is a big day for the winery and many things will happen so I will report tomorrow. It is now time to ice down and read my Kindle.

Thursday May 31, 2012

10:00 Pm: I hoped to write a lot tonight, but I am having problems with my new way of posting so I will start with something I wrote in 2006 but thought it was too much at that time. Of course You Tube had barely started, but I knew about it. It would have been interesting to see me burping in my glass. Here is what I wrote a very little edited.............

I have a Rush!! I love a deaviation from normal,,,, a RUSH! My mind sees everything then sees little. Then again I can write. I have a rush OK hear it is. NOw you can get something better on other websites. One:: Take a big glass!! Fill it up to the top with ice, ALL THE WAY!! I used to hate the fact I did not have water and not

       a a rush because I put too little water. Two....break a bottle of Crystal Geyservill    ..................  SLOWLEY pour a VERY LITTLE  a few drops. Listen to the sound. POur a little more until you can sip a very little amount. You have a rush. If you are afraid to smell then  you will not have a rush.

Now to the present......I am drinking ice water and loving it. Tomorrow i will have a new refrigerator and maybe will have ice again on demand. Don't worry I will report on the model and whether it works.

Today we started  bottling our 2010 sparkling wine..............fonts not working............

Friday June 1, 2012

9:00Am: I am hoping I have the size of the fonts figured out now. Like I said that crazy stuff I mentioned last night was done originally late on a night back in 2006. It was about a lot of ice and sparkling water and sipping real quickly. It helps me wake up in order to make a diary entry late at night. This morning I will receive my new refrigerator and I will report later on how it works. Of course I want it to produce a lot of good ice. I will have more later.

1:00Pm: My frig is here. Now I have to figure out where everything goes.

Our orders have been high lately as usual at the end of a period. The prices on most of the Futures will go up Monday.


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