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arrow April 8 - April 14, 2012

Monday April 9, 2012  

We are back from a nice escape down to see my mother. Her balance is better and she seems to be very happy.

Our orders for our pre-harvest 2012 futures are coming in nicely so we are doing well. There is so much to do so if you don't see your card charged right away don't worry.

Catarino and I are very happy that we are planting 2300 more vines and Matt will hopefully come around with the new obligation. Tomorrow we will start fermenting our new 2011 Sparkling wines and I will have more details.

As long as she meets her obligations.....Pat is off Thursday to see the the Giants play on opening day and for 3 days later so I will be on my own and maybe will write more.

Wednesday April 11, 2012

So many things happening as usual and I do not want it to stop. I like challenges as I have said many times before.

I need to get our storage building completed and our past contractor has failed so I am looking for a new one. I am going to be more careful this time...Pat thinks I will not because I am impatient in one way: I want someone to get back to me immediately....if they don't I do not think they are reliable.

Matt and even Wendy his nice girl friend along with Martha, Catarino and Salvador bottled three barrels of sparkling wine. That involves adding yeast and sugar to ferment in the bottle. I have to check with Matt to see what the final count was, I assume 70 cases or more.

Ok back to the 7 year cycle:

1953: My Father Frank was blown up by a sandblasting machine on November 5 1953. It is a date you don't forget at 10 years old. I mentioned some about that day a year ago when my Uncle Al died.

7 years

1960: Kennedy was elected and we had someone who was young and seemed vibrant until we heard he had a bad back....BUT it was so interesting for me.....the administration talked about change.........exercising. I purchased a book that showed me how to do fun things. I jumped and danced a little and had fun.

Back to the 7 year cycle from last week:

Ok I have already lost most of you but remember this is my diary....not yours.

We were at last week when I got obsessed with Elvis in 1957 and 1958. Every week his new album came out I would have a copy waiting for me a mile away on Mission street. I still did not like his movies but loved his music. Joe, remember him from a past diary, used to make fun of him.

1963: This few months from November 1963 until February was the biggest change of my life. I know that now!!

November 22 John Kennedy was killed and all my hopes of a young society ended. From 1963 we had Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Only Nixon was interesting but flawed. They were all too old for me to identify with and many of us were annoyed which created the late 60's....

Ok I have to go back to the other 7 year cycle:

We left that one in 1960....

1966-1967: Big years!! I was trying to get out of the Army!
I had changed my majors from Engineering, Architecture, Math, Accounting and the finally a degree in Finance and Economics. I met Kathy and many other wonderful people during those two years. My big passions were the stock market, the Beatles and the Oakland Raiders.

This will continue.....

As some of you know Pat and I have been working hard coordinating our many new orders and we are also getting ready to send out our new Club shipment. We have two more days of hard work so that Pat can go see the Giants play their first four games at home.

Thursday April 12, 2012

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th again. Who knows what could happen.

I got little sleep last night so I am fading.  For now I need to stop talking about my past. The present is what drives me. Tomorrow is another day.......     


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