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arrow March 4 - March 10, 2012

Monday March 5, 2012

We are recovering from the weekend. There are now 144 wineries participating in the Wine Road Barrel Tasting. It used to be only one weekend. It is over two weekends now. Our sales and traffic are down, there used to be 50 wineries. We did just fine. Instead of 8% of our sales for the whole year at this great event a few years ago, we still expect 7% after next weekend. It is a fun event!!!

I tasted all the wines on Saturday night. What a fun evening, Brendan came back for a visit.

I was amazed!! The Zinfandel wines this year are amazing.

Rush Limbaugh has been around for me since 1992. I agree he is an entertainer and I have actually liked some of his shows. I must admit I have heard very few since 1992. In 1992 I listened to most of Rush's shows. They were entertaining! After he went into Clinton so hard I lost interest. He was not fair at times. I thought he was more interesting when he was logical on issues but when he got more political he lost me. After the election Rush was even more adamant. He wanted to get Clinton. I want to go back and look at what he said about Janet Reno. I think that is when I got upset. I lost two friends after that. They loved Rush!! I could not reason with them. I have seen him get even more popular over the years and like I say I have heard a few of his shows lately. He is very popular so he probably will survive. 

Thursday March 8, 2012   

My mind is clear so should I sell some stocks? I purchased TEVA for the first time a few months ago. Some of you know teva It is the biggest producer of generic drugs and drugs will be an increasing part of people of older age. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and no surprise I have the beginnings of Glaucoma and the first stage of a cataract. Not serious for an old man but to get back to teva they are head quartered in Israel so if Israel bombs Iran will the stock go down? I know most of their business is not in Israel but this means.......Should I sell some stocks?

Tomorrow starts another day of Wine Road Barrel Tasting. We will have new people to help us including both our daughters and some friends we have not seen for a year. It will be fun!!!


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