David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

February 27 - March 12, 2011

Monday March 7, 2011
We had a great barrel tasting weekend. I am sure Pat and our fans will put up more on Facebook. Later this week I will report on which wines sold the best.

Anyone here has seen Koovy. Koovy is the second dog we have welcomed into our family. Family is the important word because when you welcome a dog in to your family he or she is definitely a family member. Koovy let us know immediately he was part of us. I tolerate dogs......hey I tolerate a lot of beings but I am not a fan of dogs. Like I have said................I really think I was a dog in my last life time........why not, I agree with dogs: I always think of my next meal. I think dogs love our attention because they want more food. They love getting us to stroke them fondly........sometimes I think I should go back being a dog. I would get more strokes.

Ok some of you do not know but Koovy is fading. I identify with Koovy: I am hoping for my next meal. He is still eating well and Pat and I take turns making him happy. Recently Salvador has had to carry Koovy out from the house because he is having trouble getting his hind legs up in the morning. It is sad but this weekend with all the people around he looks rejuvenated. Tomorrow is another day in life. 

Tuesday March 8, 2011

 I've started buying again......results zins...........escuro.........all later

family members me: sisters.........long story.....we who have had to associate with a brother or sister: know it is an adventure like all life.

This is again about Koovy. Koovy is occupying most of my worries in the last two months. I like to solve worries, it is easy but Koovy is hard for me to understand.

He looked like he would not make it through December but I look back on it and he was probably depressed because we were not there everyday. He wants someone to appreciate him. I'm not that person..........7 days ago:

Koovy was not happy. He hardly moved for three days. Salvador last Tuesday had to carry Koovy out from our house. Then again on Wednesday and again on Thursday...................Pat's sister Sharon was to arrive Friday the day of Barrel Tasting 8% of our sales. Of course we had to set up Koovy outside and see if he liked it better out there because we can't keep carrying you around.

Then I mentioned yesterday Koovy seems rejuvenated since he was touched by, my guess 500 people. We need to keep him around.  

Thursday March 10, 2011

I think Amazon and Google have gone down to levels I am interested at so I have made small investments. I think they are both going lower so I may purchase more.  

Koovy is still on my mind. He is eating and is patiently waiting for Pat's sister, Sharon, to come back. She knows how to coax him up and out of the house. Pat and Sharon are in The City and will be back today. Sharon will leave Monday so we will see how Koovy does after that.

In the last two weeks I have tasted many Cabs and many of our Zinfandels and Escuros.

The Escuros I opened were our 2003-2004 blend, 2006 Escuro, 2007 Escuro, 2008 Escuro and 2009. The 03-04 blend was showing very well with great fruit and medium body and good balance. The 2006 showed good tannin so I enjoyed it with the pizza we had. The 2007 was the most balanced and showed the best of all but was less complex. I was happy with the 2008 again and it certainly was the heaviest most tannic and could stand up to any food. The 2009 was tart and needs time.

The Zinfandels I tried were the 2008 Zin and My Zin and both the 2009 My Zins, one aged 16 months along with the 2009 Zinfandel and 2009 Zinfandel aged 16 months. This time I preferred the 2008 My Zin which is starting to fill out and show good complexity. The 2008 Zinfandel is nice also. I thought all four of the 2009s were showing young and need a few more months of aging.

A few weeks ago I opened many Cabernet based wines. I had ordered a few bottles of 2000 Lynch Moussas so I wanted to see how it compared to some other cabs. I thought this 2000 Bordeaux was aging well and gave it an 85. Also I gave a 2001 Everett Ridge Cabernet an 85. The 2001 Crawford Napa Cabernet was more to my liking and I scored it an 87. The 2002 Passalacqua also got an 85 while the 2001 Rafanelli was very nice and received an 86. Our 2004 Cabernet was the most tannic and needs plenty of time and I gave it an 87 for potential. The most surprising wine was our 2003 Cabernet. I always thought it was a good wine but it has developed into a nice balanced complex wine. It showed the best after the three days of tasting and so I gave it an 88. I also tasted a few other 2003s including a Dunn, Geyser Peak and two Bordeauxs, all scoring between 84 and 85. There wasn't a bad wine in the lot.


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