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arrow December 4 - December 10, 2011

Monday December 5, 2011

I have passions. I like wine. I like Nadal. I love my Family, I have a few others. The Raiders are another passion. I sure will go into more detail about how the Raiders became a passion, but tonight I want to state some of what I feel. I sense why even Kate the Ultimate Raider fan does not come around much during Raider games. I can say some ugly things about the Raiders, the team they are playing and especially the officials. I try to be fair about both teams......that is why I do not like to see games with anyone else around. I yell a lot. It is awful to see them lose. Pat does not understand and many of my friends do not. I can only say unless you are a passionate fan for a team, you will not understand.

I have never missed one play of a Raider game. One time I sat out in the car because I could not get reception on the AM radio in the house and the game was not sold out SO no TV.

My problem this weekend:  I have an important customer coming to help this open house weekend. He is a bleeding heart Packer fan, I am sure I am a bigger Raider fan, but that is only my opinion. Since he has been helping, I have had to endure at least two Raider games played in Green Bay, losses, with him in my big screen TV room the next morning after the event. I don't think the Packers have played in Oakland in 20 years? Now this nice person is coming again this weekend to help and stay the next morning to see the Packers demolish the Raiders again and I said OK again. He is more outspoken than I, because I have to control myself. It has been hard!!!

NOW.......They have changed the time of the game to 1:15 Pm instead of 10:00 Am.....I can't take the wait so I will have to encourage him to leave in the morning. I can only take so much suffering.......................


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