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Sunday January 23 2011

It has been an adventure but I finished tasting all our 2009 wines bottled last week. As I mentioned before these are wines that were aged in new oak for 6 months longer than the wines we bottled in July after 10 months of aging in about 25% new oak. I tasted all the 2009 wines bottled in July against all the 2009 bottled in January after aging for a total of 16 months. In general the wines bottled in July had a much more pronounced bouquet of fruit while the ones bottled last week were a little muted (Hey this was the day of bottling, no bottle age for the 16 month oak aged wines).  My impressions were varied: I preferred about half of the July wines over the January wines.

After tasting three to four days here are my notes:

2009 Block 4:
Every night I tasted the Block 4 I preferred the wine bottled last week. It seemed to have more complexity and even had more body. The Block 4 bottled in July did seem brighter with more fruit.

2009 Carignan:
In general I preferred the Carignan bottled last week. Again it had more complexity and body, but the Carignan bottled in July is close with more fruit.

2009 Escuro:
Overall I preferred the Escuro bottled in July. It just had more brightness of fruit and complexity. The one bottled last week was closed and may be better in a few months.

2009 My Zin:
We are having Pizza tonight so I am saving this one to taste tonight, but after tasting the first two nights I preferred the July bottling.

2009 Aca Modot:
I preferred the Aca Modot bottled in July. It was brighter with more complexity, time will tell.

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon:
These Cabernet's are so intense and young they are hard to evaluate. I would give them 3 to 5 years to decide. I did take a glass up after dinner while looking at tennis because I wanted to cut through the very intense stuffed bell pepper and rice casserole I consume for dinner. The intensity of the wine met well with the pepper and rice.

2009 Lagrein:
This is still my favorite wine of the 2009 Vintage. I preferred the July bottling right now because it showed more intensity. This like the Cabernet is not a wine I could consume everyday.

2009 Terre Melange:
The first day by far I preferred the Terre Melange bottled last week. It had more body and complexity although by the second day the wine bottled in July still had more fruit and had filled out.

2009 Zinfandel:
The 100% Zinfandel bottled in July is still the wine I could drink everyday and I will try it again tonight with pizza. The Zinfandel bottled last week had a nice spice finish but was less full in the middle.

2009 Zinfandel Block 6:
I will taste this wine again tonight but my first impressions were similar to the 100% Zinfandel bottled last week. These grapes are very young and are planted in a different area from our 100% Old Vines. We have a lot planted for the future.

Monday January 24 2011

As you know from time to time I post a personal message because this diary is mostly for me to document some of my life.
Several years ago I lost my Auntie Helen and 10 days ago I lost my Uncle Al. Here is a slightly edited version of what I said at my Uncle Al's funeral today:

I know this is a celebration of a great person's life who lived to be 90. But this is still a very sad day for me. I have lost two of the most important people in my life, my Auntie Helen and now my Uncle Al. My most cherished moments were the Thanksgiving dinners our two families shared together when I was a teenager. In all my life I don't remember either My Auntie Helen or Uncle Al saying a negative thing to me. I remember times when my cousin Danny and I would get in trouble. Of course I only remember it was always his fault. Even though I might have been only slightly in the wrong my aunt and my uncle only gave back love because there was a bond between us that could not be broken.

The first day I really remember my Uncle Al was the hardest day for both of us. It was November 5th 1953. My Uncle Al had to pick both my sister Lynda and I up at a nearby school. Lynda was 9 and I was 10. I remember asking myself during the 15 minute drive over to his house: Why would my Uncle pick us up at school. I don't remember that he said anything but I will never forget the look in his eyes as I looked over at the side of his face from the passenger seat. He was focused but there was a glassiness in his eye that I can still see to this day. By the time we were there I had figured out that my Grandfather had probably died. My grandfather was not doing too well for the last several months. My Uncle Al had to hold him self together because he had to drive us to my Mother. I was wrong it was not my Grandfather. My Mother had to tell us my Father had died of and industrial accident at the age of 34. My Uncle Al was only 33 on that day and that had to be the hardest thing he had done. From that day froward he was the most important Father image I had. I never spook about that day to Uncle Al. I am sure if I had asked him at his 90th birthday celebration last August how he held himself together, I am sure he would have said "Davie I just had to do it". I will miss him deeply.


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