David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

August 8 - August 14, 2010 

Thursday August 12, 2010

We are having our 2009 Futures Pick Up party this weekend from 11-4. All past customers are invited. There will be ribs and salad. Please come.

I just tested two Pinot bunches that looked riper than most I saw. I got a reading of 20.2%. I assume on average we are between 18 and 19 brix, ripe enough to start our sparkling wine, But Matt and I are looking for 22 brix for more flavor, just like last year. Unlike last year we will not add some less ripe Sauv Blanc to bring down the sugar and raise the acid. We think we have plenty of acid just with the Pinot so we will just add a little water to dilute to about 20 brix. That should give us a sparkling wine at finish of about 12.5-13% alcohol, unlike most other sparkling wines around the world which are less alcohol. We are trying something new and I am very excited.

We could be as much as three weeks behind for our Zinfandel harvest. The high temperatures have been in the low 80's lately and will need to warm up dramatically if we are going to harvest in the third week of September. We will be harvesting about one ton of Sauv Blanc so that could be in the second week of September. 


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