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Tuesday January 9, 2007

We are blending!! If you have been on the front page of our website you will see through our cameras, we are creating a lot of activity. We have to move 300 barrels around into many places. That means we have to empty the wine into a tank, clean the barrel and refill. This process is taking a great deal of time. We are only able to empty and fill about 50 barrels a day so the whole process will take about 7 days. We have to set up for Winter Wineland on Friday so we won't be through blending until sometime next week. So far I think the 2006 Aca Modot has been the most interesting. I will report on all wines soon. 

Friday January 12, 2007

Today we are setting up for Winter Wineland. In the last several days we have blended everything except the 2006 Fresco, Chardonnay and Sauv Blanc. We will work on those wines on Monday.

I finally got on the scale again to weigh myself. When I took off for vacation to Chicago on July 21 I weighed about 217 lbs. In year 2000 I went from 271 lbs to 221 lbs in 6 months, 50 lbs lost. In those days I primarily stayed away from hard booz and some carbos, but I drank all the wine I wanted and I ate what I wanted, but I counted calories and averaged about 2300 a day. Each year since then I have put on weight from November 20th until the first week in January. I then watch my weight and lose it all back in the first two months of the year. I also manage to stay about 220 lbs all the way up to November, after Harvest. But this year I got on the scale on November 21st and was 226. I have managed to gain another 8 lbs since just Thanksgiving. That put me at 234. I must admit I have been eating a great deal of cookies and ice cream and I have also started to enjoy an occasional drink of Tequila. So on Wednesday I started watching what I eat. I have averaged 1580 calories in the last two days and have lost 3.6 lbs. According to my diet software program that I love btw if I keep this pace, in 12 weeks, I could be down to 97 lbs. I guess I might have to start eating a little more. Let's see....today is Friday. I may have a tequila. I actually like these diets. I love the challenge and by eating less, a few glasses of wine in the evening puts a happy smile on my face.

Wednesday January 17, 2007

Ok, last night I did my first taste of our blended wines for 2006. WOW, The intensity is there!! Some of you including my wife Pat, will not like these few wines that are strong in tannins and fruit. I am not saying Pat and also Matt who do not like Cabernet based wines will not like these wines, but they prefer more balanced wines such as our 2006 Fresco ( Very Light and fruit driven with very interesting complexity as it flows through your mouth) Cabernet Sonoma County ( Very balanced with decent body, fruit driven. Estate Cuvee ( What can I say..........over these last 12 years this wine is our best seller. In the last few years it has been sold out so now in 2006 we will have wine to sell). I can go on and on, but the most intense tannic and fruit driven wines are as follows: Dry Creek Cabernet, Petite Sirah, Aca Modot, Escuro and My Zin. Of course our Block 4 is our most popular wine for the last few years and the style in 2006 will be the same, that is very concentrated but without a great deal of tannin. The 2005 Block 4 has been my favorite of the vintage.

I am going to start a new section on this website. This is about Family!! Family is important to all of us, especially when we have conflicts. If a Family has no conflicts they are not communicating. We all have a generation gap and we need to voice our concerns. I have tried at times to convey my conflicts with several people and companies, but now I want to start a new diary: It will be all about FAMILY. We love our family and will do anything to survive. I encourage all of you to contribute to this website if you want. I will start it off with an event that occurred two days ago when I locked my wife out of the house  I needed an escape and finally she was gone, but I forgot she was in the office not retired to bed. I had recorded the San Diego, New England NFL playoff game and I was watching the last quarter. Pat had been interested but had left. I turned the sound up in our theater room and closed the door, but before that I had locked the door leading up stairs. About 30 minutes later Pat came into the theater room complaining that I had locked her out. She was not happy!! She had been banging on the door in the hopes of getting my attention to no avail. She was in luck since she found a key to the front door, hidden outside in the 25 degree weather. I apologized and went back to the game. I think I better start carrying all the keys to the house or I may get locked out.

This next story comes from our first guest artist. I call Denise an artist because she writes the best stories I have ever read. That is not her real name but at times Pat, I, Susie or Kate will be mentioned by name but I have changed the names of others and places to protect the guilty or innocent. Denise is a Family member and a gifted writer. I hope some of you have someone you know who can contribute to this new section on our website. In the future I will announce the title and section with a link in this diary. Here goes with Denise's first story of many dating back to July 2, 2002:

July 2, 2002

 It's great that Dave has been giving Susie driving lessons and that he is a patient and forgiving man.  Maybe he should take Sam, Scarlett and Jim, on a driving expedition.  Sam has no license, Scarlett is a maniac on wheels and Jim drives Sam around because SAM HAS NO LICENSE.  Jim loves to drive, he goes up and down Wood Ave. and from Beck Ave to Inder Dairy on Park.  Because SAM HAS NO LICENSE.  Scarlett however is great at keeping secrets about all the stupid things she has done behind the wheel.  The bad things about secrets is that they always work their way out and Mom & Dad get wind of it.  She moved Samís truck and put a scratch on our pickup.  She drove her boyfriends pickup into the garage wall and put a rather large dent in the wall.  She drove the car into one of those cement posts at the mall and broke the license plate cover.  The best one is back in Feb. she went with her school to the Twain ag show and while she was there she talked a friend of hers to leave in his pickup.  She calls me at work in tears that they just hit another car no one got hurt but now she needs to get back to the ag show before the ag teacher finds out she left.  Well good thing Andy & Sue Torni were there. She called them and they came and got her.  She got back just in time to leave to go back home.  The bad part about this is I just found out last week is that she was the one who was driving the pickup and it was her who hit the other car making a left hand turn. (the car was passing on a double yellow line)  The kid who owns the pickup was grounded for 6 months for the accident and couldn't drive to school.  He couldn't even drive on the ranch.  I told Scarlett that I was going to talk with the parents so we could pay for damages but the boy said no that if his dad found out that he let someone else drive his pickup his dad would sell it and he wouldn't get another one until he could buy one himself.  KIDS 
    I hope you have a great fourth of July.  We will be celebrating the 3rd so we can recoup on the 4th.  I am still waiting to see pictures of you all on the web cam.  I am tempted to write to Dave and remind how GOOD his wine was when he first started, and how he would give it away.  Now if we want wine we have to go to a family gathering or buy it.  I see where we rate.(HAHA) 


Sunday January 21, 2007

Wine is a food cleanser, and can be a mouth wash. I know to some of you that sounds strange. I was at my dentist the other day and I mentioned that during dinner sometimes a swish my wine around in my mouth to free up any food that has been trapped in my teeth. Everyone who heard me looked at me in disbelief. Try it I said you may not like it, but that is one way to keep your teeth cleaned out. Of course Listerine is necessary later for me and brushing my teeth cleans out the wine stains.

The blending is all done and now we have little to do with the wine until late March or early April. I love my 2005 wines, but I think I will prefer the 2006 wines that are blended with either Petite Sirah or Cabernet. 

Here is the second installment in the Family diary, Denise again. From now on you can find new postings at The Family Stories.


The big news is Last Sat. Scarlett took her dad to town and came back with a car a brand new 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer that is fully loaded. (better than my car)  Daddy co-signed for her.  Get this no payment until Feb. 04.  Soooo she is saving up money so she can get it refinanced next year.  if they finance it the interest rate goes up to 11% so she will be going through our credit union for the loan.  She thinks daddy is the greatest.  I am low on the totem pole.  Now Jim is having a fit.  He said we got Scarlett a car what are we going to get him.  He doesn't understand that Scarlett is paying for her car. She is working full time and going to school full time, and she still has time to party.  If Jim plays his cards right by the time he gets his license and Sam and Scarlett are out of the house we might have the money to buy him a car.......(NOT) 

Well they are going to pour the new foundation on Thursday (For Momís new room).  Mom is starting to get on my nerves - I must be PMSing - She talks to herself,  reads out loud,  repeats everything to everybody.  I told her if she didn't stop it I was going to bury her in the back yard.  She had a dream that we DID BURY her in the back yard.  I told her that, that would never happen the dogs would dig her up, we would have to bury her in the front.  At least now she is writing down our messages.  I thought Mike was going to kill her yesterday when she told him not to talk on the phone that she was expecting a call.  I couldn't hold a straight face and had to leave the room - Mike turned red, purple, blue and shook his head but he didn't say anything.  But the good news is I really like her being with us (my God I can't believe I'm saying this) The laundry is done the dishes are washed she even vacuums.  I think the kids can move out to the room and leave her with us.  Mike on the other hand might have other ideas.  She is still trying to get use to Mondays (monday night football)  we all leave the house at a different time, (we all go to the same house)  I always come home 1st and go straight to bed about 8:00 - those straight shots really get to me.  Mike & Jim come home about 9:30 and go straight to bed.  Sam crawls in about 10 or 11 and sleeps anywhere, and Scarlett doesn't come home at all.  Mom finally asked me why I go straight to bed when I come home.  Mom I'm 43 years old and I can't drink like I used to.  She says are you drunk!  NO just happy.  She didn't like that answer but what could she say ( I did remind her about burying her in the front yard)  Oh well thatís it for now I'm sure I will have more to say after we get back from vacation. 

Say Hi to everyone 
Love you all Denise


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