David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 17
April 23, 2000 to April 29, 2000 

Webnesday, April 26, 2000 

I am sorry I haven't had time to write. As you can see we have been working hard and finally posted our 2000 futures offer. I want you to understand this offer is not for everyone. After all there are only so many customers who will buy wine before it is made. These are wholesale prices so give it some consideration. I don't plan to take off for Australia for awhile (:-)). 

I do want to mention that I have only 8 bottles of my 1995 Zinfandel left. If anyone has any for sale I will buy them back or trade alot of wine for any you would be willing to part with. We compared a bottle to my 1995 Estate Cuvee last week and was very surprised that it was showing more fruit. I was also amazed that the zin seemed very young as does the cuvee. 

It's a long story, but the county finally approved our new storage guest house. I don't understand half of their reasoning so I won't go into the particulars now. 

I must go now and prepare for the Passport event. 

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