David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 15 - 16
April 10, 2005 to April 23, 2005 

  Thursday April 14, 2005

As most of you know I have always divulged my inner thinkings and problems in life. Today I have to state a major change in Pat and my life as well as the David Coffaro Winery. We have accepted an invitation to open a retail establishment and participate in a new venture in Healdsburg. There is to be a new complex that will include tasting on the Plaza in Healdsburg. The venue will include tea, cheese, olive oil, chocolate and 3 dedicated wineries. Also a great cafe will be in the same area. I will divulge more in the future. 

Sunday April 17, 2005

I must hold off on more details on the venture in Healdsburg. We are still planning so more information will be available next Month.

The sun has finally come out and the temperatures are warming up. We even got to 80 degrees yesterday. The rest of the week looks warm, but next week end could bring a shower.

I just got back from walking through the vineyard. The North wind is up and it whipped right through me, but it was great to get out and see what is happening. The shoots on the Old Vine Zinfandel are out far enough to evaluate this seasons crop load. I can safely predict we will not have a large zinfandel crop. Average could describe it. If we have rain during bloom next month we will have a small crop. The Carignan looks average also, but our young Petite Sirah looks very heavy. That is not surprising with young vines and we had planned to thin anyway. I'll have more to say in two weeks. 

` Dave 

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