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Weeks 15 - 18
April 8, 2007 May 5, 2007 

Friday April 13, 2007

I have been out of circulation because my computer hard drive went completely out. I had everything backed up, but all my programs had to be installed again and that meant I could not do my diary until now. I did set up my e-mail account on another computer and Pat's computer was just fine. I am still working on this computer's new hard drive and it looks like I lost nothing.

We are still racking!! Today we finished the 2006 Pinot Noir and that leaves next week only the ZP2c and all three of the Wine Guerilla wines. Yesterday we blended the 2006 Ultimate Cuvee and in the afternoon I tasted it blind compared to the 2006 Aca Modot we just racked. I was very happy I preferred the Ultimate Cuvee even though I had never tasted the blend before. Yes, I was sure the blend I decided on (2 barrels of 2006 Block 4, one each of Aca Modot, Terre Melange and Estate Cuvee) would work well together. It is available to purchase on our order form now. Come by to taste it. Over half of it is sold.

Our sales of the 2007 Futures are coming along fine. Just as in the past years sales are off a little, BUT we are selling more bottled wine. I am pretty sure that I will raise my Futures prices a little next year. Many of the wineries in Dry Creek are raising their bottled wine prices and some are charging up to $40 for Dry Creek Zinfandel. I have no plans to charge close to that figure. 

The weather has been perfect and most of the grape shoots are out about 6 to 8 inches. So far it looks like we may have a very big crop. I have only thinned the Old Vines once, but this may be the second year. Time will tell. 

I'll have more to say soon!

Wednesday April 25, 2007

We finally finished racking last week and finished labeling our 2006 Chardonnay and 2006 Sauv Blanc. We have those wines ready to sell now, but will continue to sell them on Futures until the end of May. 

We are gearing up for the Passport to Dry Creek Valley this weekend. I will have plenty of pictures to post. Our theme this year is The 40th Anniversary of The Summer of Love, 1967. I have been growing my hair out for the event. All our help will wear tie dye shirts and head bands. We also have peace symbol badges that say "Make Zin Not War". Monday morning I will be cutting my hair short. My birthday is May 3rd. This year I will be going out to dinner four nights in a row starting Monday at the Dry Creek Kitchen. On Tuesday we are heading off to San Francisco for a meeting of The Structural Engineers of California, a group who gives out a scholarship each year for $5000 to a student they feel has done the best in the State in college. This year Kate has won the scholarship. We are so proud of her and we were very surprised that we were invited to this dinner also.

On Wednesday Pat and I will go out to Cyrus Restaurant in Healdsburg and on Thursday a bunch of us will attend a dinner at K&L Bistro in Sebastopol. My diet has been going well and I have lost 13 pounds since January 10th. I plan on gaining some of that back next week.

Thursday April 26, 2007

I mentioned the summer of love yesterday' well 1967 is also the year of the Raiders. Before that year few people had heard of the Raiders. That summer I took a trip up to Portland with two friends to see the Raiders play a pre-season game against the Kansas City Chiefs. They lost 49 to nothing, but the three of us had a great time. We camped out at Crater lake and barbecued some great meals. When the season started I went to every game. The Raiders ended up going to the second Super Bowl and I was hooked. We are all going to wear a name tag for this Passport event. I am suggesting "Raider Dave", but Pat asks "What does that have to do with the Summer Of Love"? I answer: "That is the summer I fell in love with the Raiders".

A nice customer gave me the links to two great articles on screwcaps so here they are, enjoy:


Friday April 27, 2007

I can't wait!! Tomorrow is the Passport event, but more important is that The Raiders have the first pick in the NFL draft. Of course that is because they had the worst record in the league last year. They need many great picks starting with a quarterback. Who will it be, Quinn or Russell? I can't wait!!

I can't wait!! Kate comes home for a visit today. This will be an interesting weekend and next week is my Birthday.


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