David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 13 - 14
March 25, 2007 April 7, 2007 

Tuesday March 27, 2007

We had to upload our new offering this afternoon. Pat is very upset since she just went off on a vacation. I like vacations, but not when I have decisions to make like Now. Pat wants a break to catch up with many orders that came in this weekend. I am happy we are selling wine, because I think that this 2006 vintage is great. Now to get back to why we had to upload!!

I am always interested in finding a bargain. Brad and I decided that the Post Office is the best place to send out our mail to you as postcards. Yes the post office is the easiest and fastest system to use. Only one catch!! You never know when the mail will go out. We started this process with the post office Saturday afternoon. It is easy to make up a .pdf and upload the image to the post office onto a post card within minutes...............And it is at a fraction of the cost to go locally to a specialist. BUT like I said we did not know when it would go out or when it would be received by anyone. You can specify a time to send out, but what we have found out: the US Postal System will do what is convenient for them. After ordering Saturday we did not suspect the card would be sent out before today. So when I received my mail at 9Am TODAY and found my copy of the postcard I suspected that I would not be the only one. So I decided with Brad's help to upload the order form one day ahead of time. We have already received many orders so thank you. The only wine that could sell out is 2006 The Ultimate Cuvee. All you Vintage Circle members should call me up if you want to order it. 

Wenesday April 4, 2007

We have been busy racking our 2006 wines. They sure are good. Next week we will blend up the 5 barrels of 2006 The Ultimate Cuvee. It will be interesting to taste.

I have a new article on screwcaps to check out. I will comment on it soon.


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