David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 12
March 18, 2001 to March 24, 2001 

Monday March 19,  2001

The temperature here has turned very warm for this time of year. We have had 80's for three days in a row. I am already seeing some bud swelling and I thus anticipate that we will see some green growth later this week. We have posted, on our website, a time table for our offering of Futures for 2001. Our paper work preparation is progressing well and because of the weather, there is a possibility that we will move up the date that the form may appear on the internet. Those of you who have purchased our 1999 and 2000 vintage wines should still look to receive a postal mailing of the offer (a 3 % discount for checks) by the 9th of April. If all goes the way we hope, the form for credit cards only will be uploaded on our site on the 9th also. Please keep in touch with this diary and website. 

I have received a couple of e-mails that have informed me that Matt Kramer has mentioned me in his Wine Spectator column [quoting my diary piece here]. He did call me about two months ago to inquire about what I thought about the costs of a bottle of wine. I have not seen the article yet, but keep a look out. 

Thursday March 22,  2001

I see green!! Yes in the last two days I have seen carignan and chardonnay vines in our vineyard showing green growth (bud break). Thus, since BB (our web expert) has informed me that he will be away from his watch during several days in April, we have moved up the date of posting our 2001 Futures offer. That date may be as early as next Thursday. 

I still haven't seen my WineSpectator magazine, but I did get someone to e-mail me the Matt Kramer article. I was very honored and surprised that Matt would quote me so extensively. You may read the whole letter I wrote by clicking here or in the last diary entry. 

We have heard from McCoy label that our wine labels may be ready by the second week in April. That means we will be able to bottle our 2000 Dry Sauv Blanc as well as our late harvest Sauv Blanc in the middle of April. Some of the dry Sauv Blanc will be sold to retailers and restaurants. 

The stock market has taken up a good deal of my time and yes I have committed most of my 2001 sep ira already. I just can't resist these prices, but of course it is scary that the stocks could continue to go down for many more months. Luckily for me, I won't be able to withdraw this money for 10 more years.



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