Welcome to the Coffaro Futures on-line database. We appreciate that, given our "Crazy Futures Program," it can sometimes be hard to remember just what wine has been ordered that has not yet been picked up or shipped. So we are now giving our customers an on-line option to view that information.

In order to protect your privacy, no personal information is stored on-line. We will be e-mailing our customers an ID code to access the information. If you have forgotten the code, please write to david@coffaro.com, and we'll send it along.

Merely enter your ID code in the box below and submit the form.

NOTE:  As soon as we sent out the emails with the ID codes, something seems to have broken in our database.  We're working on it.  If you get a "server error" please check back in a few days.  Thanks!

ALSO NOTE: Sometimes it may take quite a bit of time before the information is returned. Please be patient.

a FINAL note (for now): Your code is 3 or 4 digits followed by 2 characters, so watch out, if there is an "0" in the last two characters, it is an "O", not a zero.

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