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Tuesday February 4, 2020

I have so many things again in my mind, like 49ers Jose is a big fan. Then there is TSLA stock still going up!! I have 80% cash so TSLA will just give me more cash so let's see what happens, still 400 shares strong. Remember I have sold 700 shares at big profits, but I could have made thousands more. The best thing in the stock market is do not worry about your last big gain, sure you could have made more, what what would I do with the extra money now?

sso we are getting up ............setting up.................for bottling!!

We start next Monday.......there has been a lot of my organisation, testing me..........

We have to make room for all this new wine, so the 2018 16 month wines will be started next Monday. Of course, I have to remember, we need bottles, meaning in the trade, Glass!!........so after many problems, we got delivery today

Tomorrow is another day...............

Wednesday February 5, 2020.......My Mother Vivien would have been 98 today

Yesterday I did sell 50 shares of TSLA at 912, it is now trading at 760 so I may purchase the 50 shares back soon.

We should receive our screwcap capsules today and maybe our labels so then we will be ready to start bottling next week.

Today DirecTV is coming in to install equipment so I can receive 4K TV. I really don't need it but for $199 I think it is great, I am always into the "Future".

Saturday February 8, 2020

Great, I have 4K TV now and it did not cost anything........BUT I now do not have DirecTV over in our Guest House which is 100 feet away and has a separate dish. I was told since it is not connected by cable to the system in our house and Winery, it has to be discontinued. I was told to open a new account and pay about $80 a month BUT, gee, I was then told there could not be two accounts at the same address. I was on the phone for well over two hours over the last two days with no resolution. SO, I decided to order Dish with a new install in the Guest House and I received $75 back and it was $10 a month cheaper.

I am upset! Trump has not changed........ I hoped for something from him to bring this country together but obviously it is not going to happen...........

I have been around for 76 years and all Presidents said they wanted to make this country great, but only Trump has failed............most countries we deal with think he is a joke, Most Republicans, except for Romney think Trump is great.

Pat and I had Plant based burgers last night and we really enjoyed them. But one thing I have to admit, there is an after taste when eating Beyond Beef. I have purchased some stock but I may sell.........You will have to enjoy the different flavor.

Monday February 10, 2020

We started bottling this morning with the 2018 16 Month Aged Italiano. We were doing fine for the first 150 cases but now we are having problems with the bottling line. We just received notice that a technician will be here soon so we have hope we can finish the Italiano today. We also have in the tank the 2018 16 Month Aged Carignan. If we can't bottle the Carignan today we will gas it with nitrogen and finish it tomorrow.

8:00 Pm:........We finished bottling at 6:30 Pm but all our great employees had to get ready for tomorrow and left at 7pm.............they had to bring down new barrels to bottle tomorrow and set them on the ground............to prepare for tomorrow morning to rack into a tank

Wednesday February 12, 2020

We have been having more problems with the bottling line. We had to have a Tech out to see what the Ultimate problem is. He found that the piece of equipment that holds the bottles was a little large so the bottles were rocking only slightly which eventually shut down the bottling line. Also yesterday a bottle was broken and a small piece of glass was caught in the belt that moves the bottles.......that also caused the bottles to rock up. We decided to order an adjustable holder which can conform to our bottles. It is interesting, these wine bottle are not perfect, not like crystal wine classes which are perfectly shaped. Each wine bottle can be slightly off round. In the mean time, we are using bandages and electrical tape to make the section that holds the bottles, slightly smaller...........so much fun to solve a problem!!

Thursday February 13, 2020

Last night I had some Ultimate Cuvee, of course from 2018 bottled the same day. It was really good compared to the 2018 Italiano Bottled the day before. I tasted them blind. The other night I found out I had a pre conceived opinion on two wines as I tasted them and then I tasted them blind and I had a totally different decision.

I now have twenty 2017 and 2018 16 Month Aged wines on my Island and more tomorrow. Fun tonight...........


8:00 Pm: I tried all the wines we bottled today. It is hard to get through all of them so I decided to just try 2018 wines so I was really impressed with the 2018 Cabernet. It is by far the best cab we have produced. It is intense with strong Tannin not like last years. I tried it compared to 2018 Aglianico tonight and the Cab was more balanced, the Aglianico and Cab were the darkest we have ever made. Lagrein and Petite Sirah are darker, but not by much.

Wednesday February 19, 2020

We finished bottling yesterday and last night I tried our Dave's Cuvee with a new label. It is called 2018 Dry Creek Road Red. We hope to sell it locally or in San Francisco to retailers. It will be up to Bryan, Kate and Jesse to find places. It is well balanced and I hope the retailers will like it. There are about 220 cases to sell. The similar wine, except for barrel aging is the 2018 Dave's Cuvee bottled last July. On Monday I tried the 2018 Block 4 Aged 16 months and the 2019 Luminaire. The Block 4 was great as usual and the Luminaire has a touch of oak in it this year, nice balance and complexity.

I waited too long and had to buy back my 50 shares of TSLA at 880, sure I sold it at 912 and did buy it back lower, but last Thursday I could have purchased it at 740. It is trading at 920 right now.

I am undecided about who I will vote for on Super Tuesday in California. I will be glued to the debate tonight.

Here's another "Dinner Last Night"  - Roast Chicken Quarters with Hot Honey and Pecans

Roast Chieken Quarters with Hot Honey

If you have any questions, hints, requests or anything else, let us know at foodnotes@coffaro.com


Wednesday February 26, 2020

As most of you know the Stock Market went down big today. My Tesla investment is still up big but I may buy more if it gets down to 640, it is now at 830 so I can always hope............

We have old barrels for sale, most of them are good for wine so we are putting an add tomorrow to sell some, but also we have half barrels for planters so let us know if interested.............

Thursday February 27, 2020

Pat and i were down in Santa Cruz for nice weather. Usually on the coast up here in Northern California, it can be fog on most of the year. We had 70 degree, no fog.........nice

Of course you know one of my big passions is the stock market so it has been interesting in the last week since I am in 80% in cash and as I have said most of my money has been in Tesla and it has been up this year..........AND I sold a lot of stock this three years so I am in 80% cash. I am ready to buy finally but it could be much more pain. I have cash so i will put in 10% tomorrow..........maybe........I will not buy if the market is up early...................watch out

Friday February 28, 2020..........tomorrow only happens once every 4 years.......another day

I do not think there will be many big decisions in life with this Corona problem until we have more info..............

Like i said I like making decisions, not real big here..........so this morning I bought 100 shares of TSLA at 621 and it closed at 675.....Tesla still closed down for the day............Monday will be another day......I may have to buy more a lot lower or sell at a nice profit

8:00Pm: TSLA has gone down this week from 900 to 675. Some of the Cruise lines have gone down 50%, even Apple is down 20%..........it will be fun because I have cash.......yes I missed out on this nice run up on most of my stocks like Amzn and Google. Trump has asked for all this money to be infused in to our system. Like I have said before my last paper in college was about the money supply and the stock market.......no one in college understood that  in 1967 except my professor and he gave me an A. I know the money supply so sure Trump now is asking to run up our deficit to keep the stock market and economy moving a long.......money infusion is the key. The key words here are "during a recession":::::::::::

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:"Monetary policy attempts to increase aggregate demand during recession by increasing the growth of the money supply. The theory of liquidity preference suggests that increasing the money supply will cause interest rates to fall. Lower interest rates cause higher investment spending which increases aggregate demand.

I love the stock market, during the week, it starts before hours and after hours,............at 1am, before and really starts officially at 6:30am my time, you can trade any time in those hours then it goes on until 5pm after closing at 1:00pm officially, sometime there are so many things happening in after hours so many opportunities especially when earnings are announced after the close at 1PM...................


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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