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Sunday November 10, 2019

New week so I have to Think about last week and This week!!

The amount of $1807.61 for account number ******4890-3 is due on 11/25/2019.

What is going on?

I have to call PG&E tomorrow to see why I am charged this large amount when never before and i am on Solar so are they saying I did not have on solar, I am being charged this high fee????

Of course today I am into NFL and tonight will be up looking at the Sunday night game.

8:00: Pm: I tried a new pizza maker tonight. As some of you know I make pizza every time I am home on Sunday night.

I bought something new from Amazon and it did not work out well tonight but on the BBQ later it was nice......long story, more tomorrow

Tomorrow Jose and I have to find out about all our 200+ barrels have to offer. I need analysis..............

I need info..................

Monday November 11, 2019

Jose did some analyses today and he will do more in the next few days by the end of the week, i will have the puzzle to look at. it will be an adventure..........

I am heading up soon to see the 49ers vs the Seahawks. When Susie was up in Seattle I rooted for the Seahawks so now that Jose likes the 49ers, I just want the best team to win...............

Tuesday November 12, 2019

I talked to PG&E and the bill seems to be correct. Every November they total up for the whole year what I owe after the solar is applied. Last year it was $284 and this year it was $2,000. I am real sure after checking dates, it seems the new water system pump is drawing a lot of power. It looks like it is costing me $150 a month. My internet bill is $200 a month so I can live with water at $150. It is only money. BTW, our new heating and air units are saving me at least that because they are electric and I am not using as much propane to heat.......

7:30 PM: I am a person who wants to know everything upfront, like what is happening now that I can see.

That said I know Kate, Susanne, Pat and my new son Bryan are ready to see  Santana right now at the new Chase Center. I experienced Santana back in 1969 at Fillmore West and I still have it remembered until I die. I hope they will enjoy it..........I was there............


Jose is having trouble with his leg so I am still waiting for info on our barrels

I have decided to go down to Marin County, about one hour a way to test drive a Model 3........it will be fun 

Here's another "Dinner Last Night"  - Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Fried Calamari Po'Boy

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Wednesday November 13, 2019

It took me an hour and a half to go 64 miles today, I was in a carpool lane and saved me 15 minutes.......yes I did make it down to Marin County. So it is after 7pm now......... so Stone Buenaveza Salt And Lime Lager..........I like Hops but still nice.

I looked when I got in my great Model S at home on navigation to see it would take me past my appointment so I was stressed

After the car pool I made it at 9:55 am just before they opened. I was greeted OK, by A guy who looked like he was here for another day.....OK

I went off for a drive in a 4 wheel drive Model 3. I was concerned about the suspension since I love my Model S Air Suspension.

I am happy to say the Model 3 even in coil suspension handled better than my S. So yes I ordered a new Model 3...........more later

Thursday November 14, 2019

Why did I order a model 3

I found out today what Tesla wants to offer me for my model S 100 D used of course but: $58,700. Less than 16,000 miles

I am still thinking about a Model 3, since it is new technology, look my 2017 100D up:

BUT I have unlimited Charging and from I found out Tesla is charging new Model 3 owners to charge now..........sure we mostly charge at home and we have solar so it is covered but those without solar will still cost them on the Bills. But on the road many places we stay at, like us do offer charging for free. BUT I have many more perks with this nice S..........I need more for my S or no deal

Jose says he will have numbers tomorrow on all our 2019 barrels.............. 

Friday November 15, 2019

Jose is not feeling well, left early, so he will have all the info on the barrels on Monday.

I cancelled my Model 3 order. I was not happy with my trade in.

Tesla is going to put some solar on my roof above where the Powerwalls are so that should give me unlimited back up.

I am not happy with Tesla re: ordering a new car so there is no refund if you do not like the trade in, I lost $100...........so I sold more stock. Yes the stock is up but as I have said in this diary, I am selling more stocks. I am not happy with what Trump is doing and I remember Nixon when the stocks went down, sure i could be wrong but I have made more money than I know what to spend, ......................................tomorrow is another day

Monday November 18, 2019 tough day

Jose has given me the info on our new 2019 harvest barrels............it is not good............A lot of our barrels have residual sugar in them. I am not blaming Jose but he did have a new way to make sure the fermentations go dry. He said Josh and he did the same thing last year and everything went dry, so I have to listen.

It has been hard with the Power outages to make wine........long story..........so it is an adventure going forward...........Because PG&E is threatening a new outage this Wednesday. I will have full backup next year!!!!!!

I sent Jose out today to labs, chemistry, to see what we can do about these barrels with sugar left.  I have hope.............but

It looks like now we will not be making a 10 month Zinfandel and not an Estate Cuvee. We will not be making a Block 6, new. This is stressful but I will figure it out..............That does not mean we will not be making a Barrel aged 16 month version of these wines.....NOW

I can only hope the Chargers win.........tomorrow is another day

Tuesday November 19, 2019 tough day Again

It is my diary so I can say what I have heard and now know, most Republicans support Trump because of the tax new law.

I have said before our winery used to pay $3000 a year to the IRS now because of Trumps new tax law I pay only $500. Does that make me think about voting for Trump.............no way........ my main complaint about Trump is he is a lair and I know politicians lie but too many lies by Trump...............long story

Jose says we have options to take care of 100 plus barrels which have residual sugar left so I will have more to say.

Now to tonight...............................

PG&E may proactively turn off power for safety

Weather conditions, including potential fire risk, have been forecast that may impact electric service to portions of our service area. If a decision is made to turn off power, we expect to start turning off power for safety as outlined below. If you live in these communities, PG&E will attempt to contact you via telephone, text and email.

Please check back for the latest information as the area and number of customers impacted are updated as weather conditions change.

Outages (weather event plus restoration time) could last longer than 48 hours. For planning purposes, PG&E suggests customers prepare for outages that could last several days.

Wednesday November 20, 2019 tough day Again

Our power was not turned off but many around us had no power........what is going on with PG&E???

We have decided to do many things IN THE fUTURE. seriously not text styes..........

It is complicated. I have to spend a lot of money to get full back up here. I figure at the least possibility, we are going to lose over $100,000 because of  the power outage in our winery for a week. So I am willing to pay that much money to get FULL backup here on all our Buildings.

I have had many great people who are coming out and advising me so it will happen.............all buildings will be fine during an extended outage..........

I have to go up and look at politics. I try to be in the middle, but it looks like to me...I voted for Republicans, Like I said I do not like liars so I would never vote for Trump..........but

I remember my Mother, VIVIEN, who passed away last year at 96, she was my best friend but she could never think about voting for a republican. I like to see both sides. Let's see what happens''

Friday November 22, 2019 56 years since Kennedy was killed, I was 20

We are heading off to OZ so I will not be doing posts after next week. I have many things to think about before I leave. Pat says i am not a good traveler so she has to put up with me. I hate Airports because it is hard for me to find out where to go and of course I am dragging around 70 pounds of luggage. I need help from Pat.

Here's another "Dinner Last Night"  - Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

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