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Monday January 15, 2018

Tomorrow we will start bottling our 2016 16 months aged wines. I will have fun tasting...............

Wednesday January 17, 2018

Bottling of 2016 16 Month Red wines is going real well. We also bottled our 2017 Luminaire white blend and a 2017 Sauvignon Blanc which was fermented in French Oak. I had tried the Sauv Blanc about a month ago and was not impressed but last night I really liked it. It will be a great shellfish wine because it is very austere, great acid with an interesting finish. We only bottled 22 cases so if interested send me an email. The Luminaire is more balanced and smooth. We also bottled our Block 4 and it will be a winner as usual. So far I have preferred the 2015 wines because of course they are smoother.

Susie my just turned 30 year old has been working on a new website for us. We have also been thinking of making the purchasing of our wine more simple. We are thinking of only charging a flat fee for shipping to all states, maybe as low as $20 a case. Also we will not be charging sales tax to anyone, of course that would be everyone in California or out of state people who pick up wine at our winery. To compensate these losses of revenue we will only be raising our Futures prices by one dollar and our bottled wine by two dollars. This will not quite make up the difference but as I said in the past I am not interested in paying a lot of taxes and we are doing fine now.

Friday January 19, 2018

Gee, I have a cold so the last two nights, I had Tequila with half limes and lemons juice,very intense so I now know how to cure a cold. Last night I swallowed all that tequila and acid and it seemed to wipe out all the stuff down my throat, like that little tingle down the throat which makes you think it could develop into something else. Like I said I had a drink last night and I feel better tonight after doing one again..........................I feel great........

Friday January 26, 2018

I am OK, I will survive, but yesterday I was in a car accident, NO! not my Tesla!!! I was a front seat passenger. Catarino, Salvador and I decided to head off to My Mother's house in Millbrae to pick up the chair she does not want. It was raining a little and the road was wet. Catarino has this old SUV which would handle the chair. As we started off, I said the car is riding nice and Catarino said he needs new tires. After traveling about 40 minutes of a 2 hour trip, there was a slow up ahead of us and Catarino put on the brakes but we started skidding and plowed into a car ahead. I think we must have been going well over 50 miles an hour. I went to the emergency because I had a lot of pain in my chest and the place in my knee where I had the full replacement popped open. It was bleeding a lot and was open about one half an inch. The long story short is I have bruised ribs and new staples in the knee. Tequila helped last night along with ibuprofen.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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