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Wednesday June 27, 2018

A lot has happened in the last several days!! I will get back to our trip when I have time.

We are remodeling our winery. Most of you who have been here know we have a metal building where are tasting room is and where we ferment all our wine. My daughter Kate is getting married in November and she and her future husband Bryan want to make the winery look better for the reception. Soon I will have the camera back up and you will be able to see what is happening. We have moved everything out of the winery now and tomorrow sub contractors will come in and demolish most of everything left including our old tasting bar. It will be an adventure............

7:45 Pm: It is going to be a big transformation in our winery. I was against it at the beginning since it would cost a lot...........and most of our customers said they liked the old bar and the simple interior for sound!! As anyone been here, we play audio/video at loud sounds with 9 subwoofers. I hope to bring back the great audio/video experience but it will take a while......

One thing I was surprised AND I protested many times: The contractor wants to take down our big 12 foot wide screen and store it somewhere in the room. I finally said after many protests "Do what you have to do"...............if they destroy it we can buy another great screen. They are going to put Sheetrock on all walls

So the good thing I can mount the screen again and make anything look great on the screen.........I can always hope......

I will be here for at least the end of August unless I see a break and then down to San Diego for a few days in the beginning of August?

As you can tell things are not resolved..............I want to do A GLASS WALL in front of the new tasting area, it will be nice.................

Bottling of the 2017 10 Month versions have been delayed until this project is completed so we are sorry, we may not bottle until the end of August.............................................I like changes more than most but this is a big change...

Saturday June 30, 2018

It is 110 degrees right now at 2:30 and it may get hotter

Workers have come in and our winery has been transformed to a mess!! Almost everything that was in the winery has been removed. They did save our Movie Screen so we should be OK. Next week they will start putting up Sheetrock on the walls. We are in the process of ordering new things for our tasting room. We will have a new tasting bar and we want to completely enclose the tasting area so no fruit flies come in during harvest time. Here is a link to one option we are considering. http://panoramicdoors.com/ We visited the Show Room yesterday and we were impressed. We are considering a few other companies and we will make our final decision next week. We hope to have it installed by the first week of September.

Sunday July 1, 2018

It is hard to see my old first winery be demolished. Every thing now has been taken out. No one can understand what it felt to have everything I started in the winery taken away. I started all this nice adventure back in 1994 and it has transformed to maybe greater things, but still I won't see what I started again.....................

Hey I am a survivor so changes are good and I sure have several changes in my life as I documented. This one should be OK...........We will have more acoustics? They have plans.

we will have the wall of windows so it should be nice...................

Tuesday July 3, 2018

It has been a tough 2 days for TSLA. I bought more............I even bought Starbucks last week

It has been interesting with all these changes and Kate, Bryan, Pat and I are making decisions on the Glass Wall. There are too many options for me with my slow and misspelled typing to relate. I can say we are getting close to a decision and the Glass Wall should be in before October.........I want it by the end of August, but like Elon, I am optimistic

I sent a message to a great friend today so here is part of what I sent:

"We set up a place in the far left storage building for a temporary tasting room!! We had to put all the empty old barrels in our canopy. I think you might have seen it up by the handicap space and by the freezer? It is real high and long but not climate controlled SO we are using a garden sprinkler to run water on top of the barrels everyday to keep them hydrated. We have at least 120 barrels in there now. All the full barrels were moved over to the storage building around the back across the way..............

This is an adventure........tomorrow is another day................

"PG & E (Pacific Gas & Electric Co) has contracted with Tesla (subject to State approval) for an energy storage project in northern California"...............


Thursday July 5, 2018

OK, Tesla is down big so of course I am loading up again........only time will tell

So My most concern to night is our empty barrels. We have many as I said and they are outside sort of, being in an open canopy, it is high and sheltered from the top so we have been trying to find a system to spray water on top of these hot barrels, it could be inside this canopy up to 100 degrees SSSO

So we have to water them down and keep them from falling a part. Sure all of us see a wine barrel and see....they are strange............why have barrel staves??? I could go on, now that they have staves they could leak so we have to put on water all day to keep these barrels from falling apart........water

So I just went out to turn the water on and nothing happened so this is my most concern for the night, it is still 80 here and will get up to 96 tomorrow...........I am ready for tomorrow

Friday July 6, 2018

OK, I am down here and Pat has gone down to see her Cousin and celebrate her 75. I am still trying to find out what will happen in the next several weeks............

Here is what we want eventually in our new tasting room

Tasting room

Saturday July 7, 2018

8:15 Pm: Pat is away with her Cousin who is celebrating her birthday, 75. She will be back on Wednesday because we have many decisions to make. Stone Ripper is OK.............

Tomorrow I am heading off to the 5th or 6th option for our tasting Room Wall. We thought of Bi-Fold Doors but they take up room on the side also like sliders, we have decided on sliders because we will want to close this tasting area almost everyday to keep the wine at 70 degrees.........OK, I think 68 is better but it will be Catalina's choice. Catalina will like this ...........long story

Sunday July 8, 2018

Here are some interesting pictures of what we are doing. It is a mess now!!

Here is our old tasting room soon to have Glass Sliders similar to the picture above
Tasting Area

Here is the left wall seen down from where the Glass will be

Our new kitchen area will be closed in so all you nice people can not see what we are preparing........Pat and Kate's idea

Not shown yet, but there will be a cafe swinging door to the left of the Rest Room

Our old 13 Foot Wide Video screen is gone for now but will be back

Below is the electrical panel next to the old tasting room. This  electrical panel is used for our bottling and it must be moved because the Glass Sliders will go out this far, 20 to 22 feet.

8:00pm: As I said I could go on and on, I have many passions in my mind at all times. I have trouble sleeping, but I survive. I always think about what is the most important thing at any time just like all of you............. I am here waiting for the opening of TSLA tomorrow and also to see who shows up tomorrow to do more. Kate and Bryan want more changes so tomorrow will be another day. The most important adventure:...............I will be in town, Healdsburg tomorrow at 8Am to see if we can finalize the Sliding Doors...............

OKKK we know friends, relatives who are showing problems in reality. I don't want to call it something, but you know what I mean. We know many people who have symptoms. My Mother Vivien did not show any problems until she broke both arms and a leg. After that she tried and even said to me she wanted to live to 100.........that was on her 96th birthday she passed away 4 moths later. So

My point is even my Mother had reality problems so I will be there at some time...........that is my diary to document anything

Wednesday July 11, 2018

So much has happened but just changes, the electrician was here today so I had to the decide on where the switches changed the lights.......uhhhhhhhggggggggg I have gotten little sleep lately. I ordered the Glass doors but of course there is problem with ADA, Seriously not too many people know except the County we do not have conforming entrance for wheel chairs. The walk or slide up to out entrance door is a little steep. The County has not been around to confront me, they have other problems.........Hey I am 75 and it is less hard than most places I go around here, but there is ADA requirements so this is an adventure.

I ordered the 22 ft wide  4 doors yesterday so they will be installed in September..........gee I wanted in two weeks but with all the fire reconstruction around in Sonoma County we need to wait, see the hope design in the last emails.............

Here is an email I sent to my first true friend. His name is Joe and I think I have mentioned him before................

"It has gotten a lot more serious since this email, right? Our new President is a liar. As I have said before past presidents including Bush 2nd have been great. I did not agree with some of them but they lied, all more subtly. Do you agree? I can be a friend with you again, you are my longest friend now because my Mother died last month at 96 years old. If you agree you are with our current president who is trying to cause many problems for our country, I am not happy with you,,,,,,,,,,let me know what you think, we go back to 1961..............................

My first born is getting married her on Nov 3. You will not be invited, we do not have room for our minds, yes I have had a hit. It makes me focus to this day and I have made some decisions today. My first born daughter wants to change everything in this winery. I know you have been here so you know what it was like, most people liked it but Bryan and Kate are changing things for the best Future. I mention this because I remember your first Born's wedding. It was a great time and I hope to do the same................convince me you will be a Democrat for your life, I will give you an invitation: I am right down the middle.................I look forward to hearing from you. BTW, Pat is down in The City seeing Giants games with her sister who was the first one to convince Pat to cancel our first date, they are close so it was easy for me to say to Pat when she called me in December 27 or 28: "OK you have to come to my new years party"........Joe, you were up for pizza so you can imagine on December 31 1973 at mid night, I had my first date with Pat. She went home that night but came back on another day........Thanks for reminding me of the past..........thanks Joe



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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