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Wednesday April 5, 2017

I remember Oski. My step father, Larry who only once was right (I did not like him) and asked me if I left what I left on the floor was for my Mother to pick up. That got me thinking and never forgot that. Sure I was young under 25 and still at home so I was not nice to him. He was never nice to me me but at that time he was right...............

Oski was Larry's favorite thing, I knew he loved that dog more than all of us. Larry loved Cal University so , Oski. Larry never got up set with that dog. He even put food in his mouth to make sure it was good for that dog and of course the dog had to do a trick......Oski was like all dogs and loved Larry. That dog was dirty and made mistakes being in all the time in San Francisco, but Larry thought it was OK. I could go on about Larry, but not now.........I only bring this up because that was my first experience with living with a dog. I have not liked dogs since then.........

Now when I got here in 1979. I was different. I lived for the first time on a larger 25 acre vineyard and I thought I should have a dog. I choose a nice dog named Syrah. She was always nice but still a dog. I do not like dogs

On a positive note. We had the least bounces on our Club run yesterday so Thank you. I also sold some Tesla stock today. I have now made enough to buy another Model S, but no I am happy with the 90 D I have now. Tesla may take over the world at this valuation, now more valued than Ford? Yes Tesla is valued at 49 Billion. That is a lot of money. Now Google is valued at 582 Billion and Amazon is valued at 432 Billion. Now you know my biggest profits have been in Amazon since I first owned many shares at 50 and now it sells at 906 today. Of course I have sold most of it.............

Like I said I sold some TSLA stock, 20%, but I may buy it back..........

at 49 Billion Tesla has a way to go. If they can sell 500,000 Model 3 vehicles as I said before...........it would be like Mustang when it came out in 1964-5. Just look at times sales as a valuation. That is the way I have valued Amazon compared to Google. Now look at another way: Think about logo, prestige, who makes the best battery car.............who has......

OK here is one negative opinion on Tesla stock.........A depressed short betting the stock will go down

>>>>>>>>>>>>"Stormy weather in shortville."

"While it has been painful to be short TSLA in the last several months, even here, short interest as a percentage of the float for the stock is near the lowest levels it has been since the company came public. In early 2016, for example, short interest as a percent of float was close to 35% for TSLA, while five years ago it was closer to 50%. It may be stormy, but it could have been a lot stormier."<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thursday April 6, 2017

7:30 Pm: I just went out and had trouble walking. Right now It is raining at one inch an hour, highest I have seen this year, I, now, am in my nice 70 degree office, I like 68 degrees, so I will survive.G

Pat has worked hard, no romantic thing tonight so we both will go on to different places for a couple of hours. We are still in belief the Giants will do better. I have a book to read so I will be fine if I fast forward in the game and see they are losing. Sports some times makes me disappointed for a short time so as you know I have other passions. TSLA, Tesla..........

No one knows what to do with this stock??? It is up from Trump!!!. on November 14, 2016 Tesla sock was selling at 178.19. I had sold all my stock on November 9, the day after at 190,,,,,,I bought most back at 184 in the next few days so I was good. Now the stock hit 305 yesterday. Believe me I have a lot of experience in trading stocks and I have no idea where TSLA will go from here, but I have said, in 5 years we will know.


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